Valencia Towns

The property for sale in Valencia towns is of a wide variety with something for most tastes. It varies from the laid back luxury and cachet of towns such as La Eliana, La Cañada and the estates around Puzol to the more rustic charms of the wine growing areas of Pedralba and Villar del Arzobispo, the working towns of La Pobla de Vallbona, Chiva, Cheste and Lliria and the more isolated mountain towns in the Sierra Calderona like Naquera, Serra and Olocau.

Valencia towns are lively and well communicated into the city and living in a town in Valencia should be considered an option for those wanting more of a community feel rather than the more isolated life in the Campo (Countryside)
Properties Available : 45

Living in Eliana

540,000 EUR

250 SqM

We sell way more houses in L’Eliana than any other town, the “No more than 30 minutes from Valencia” is a regular request and whilst there’s plenty of places that are nice to live, here it is extremely pleasant, quiet, clean, safe and great for those school trips up and down the CV35, especially here in El Carme, a stones throw to the autopista, the supermarket, coffee shop and a gym for when you have the morning to yourself...

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Country House

950,000 EUR

1023 SqM

Are you a city dweller, perhaps a successful fella But you’ve sometimes thought to yourself "Oops, I've got a lot of money But I’m caught in a rat race, like terminally I'm a professional cynic but my heart's not in it and I'm paying the price of living life at the limit Caught up in the century's anxiety’ Well then, how about living in a house...

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Good investment

137,500 EUR

124 SqM

A fully refurbished flat in Riba Roja de Turia. The flat is centrally located in the village, an 8-minute walk away from the metro (in just over 30 minutes you can be in Valencia) and supermarkets, bars, shops etc can all be found around the corner. And if you love nature, the Turia River, where you can go for a nice walk, bike ride or just chill out is within walking distance. The flat is over 120m2, has three bedrooms...

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A Mansion in Montealegre

875,000 EUR

644 SqM

It's that time of the year when we spend a lot of our days in L'Eliana, some clients are looking to retire and live at a fraction of the price of most other countries, others have decided to relocate and give themselves the best possible future, be that lifestyle options, excellent schools...

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Tower House in La Eliana

630,000 EUR

355 SqM

This house is walking distance to the village of La Eliana and we like it, you could even describe it as cosy, which you don't see very often. But what makes this house special are the almost unique possibilities it has. A private man or maybe womancave with pool table in the tower, and you could turn the old fronton court into a private outdoor cinema. You paint it white, buy a good projector...

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Huge Palace Potential

475,000 EUR

650 SqM

Just shy of that magic Golden Visa number (but you can always buy a garage or two) we find a wonderful opportunity to combine business and pleasure and restore this lovely old mansion to its former glories. Its multi level expanse affords a world of possibilities to combine home and work and your imagination is the limit, think English speaking nursery, Ballet/Dance Centre...

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Beach Apartment Surrounded by Water

128,000 EUR

64 SqM

When we say beach apartment surrounded by water you may think how does that work then? And you'd be right. It's unusual to have water on both sides of a place. But Valencia is different in certain areas because of the presence of the Albufera lake to the south of the city. This lake which provides the water for the rice fields in the flatness of the south of the city all the way down to Cullera is a pretty amazing area...

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The War of the Roses

599,000 EUR

438 SqM

Anger, bitterness, recrimination and arguments about who gets to keep the kids "You get them!", "No, you have them". As a buyer when you are looking to get a house this is all music to your ears as you may think that this allows you to make a cheeky offer and get a place for a fraction of the asking price. And sometimes you can. But not always. Let's introduce you to the psychology of offer making in Spain 101...

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Great Value Townhouse

195,000 EUR

185 SqM

We love a good townhouse here at VP and we got a very pleasant surprise when we went to visit this semi-detached one last week in the heart of La Pobla de Vallbona. A whopping 185 metres on 3 floors and all for under 200k. Ok, so the façade isn’t your classic townhouse front like you might find elsewhere but that’s because the building is only 30 years old and solid as a brick you-know-what-house...

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