Valencia Beach

The area around Valencia beach is a mixture of tumbledown old two floor fishermen's cottages and older and more modern apartment blocks. It has a character all of its own and the property stands right next to the beach and port in Valencia of course.

The area is divided into two separate zones of the Cabañal, near the port, and the Malvarrosa which is also the name of the beach. Cabanyal Property for sale is a varied mix of townhouses and apartments whereas the Malvarrosa is more of a working area. The Malvarrosa also has the advantage of being very near to the Polytechnic University too. Both areas have excellent communications via metro and bus into the centre of Valencia.
Properties Available : 21

Full House in Cabanyal

340,000 EUR

158 SqM

A FULL HOUSE in the Cabanyal is becoming less and less common as they are divided up into a PAIR of units or even FOUR OF A KIND at times and then rented out to Airbnb clients for double or quadruple returns. However here we have one. STRAIGHT to the point with this one, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens and recently modernised...

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The Window of Opportunity

155,000 EUR

100 SqM

Yep, 1 photo, that’s all you’re getting for now, there is no way we can take pictures of this apartment in its current condition so here’s the view from one of the windows, similar views are also available from the other windows or the gaps where they would be if they hadn’t been removed , along with sinks, ovens, kitchen units, door frames, doors and many more useful things you find in most homes...

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Spacious Summer Home

290,000 EUR

240 SqM

Bega de Mar is one of those areas that doesn’t get much attention. El Perelló and Cullera are its much better-known neighbours and what that means is you have one of the quietest beaches along the coast just 20 minutes from Valencia city. Honestly, besides July and August, it can seem like a private beach. Situated within the Albufera nature reserve with its rice fields, flocks of exotic migrating birds and spectacular sunsets...

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Perfect Getaway Material

135,000 EUR

67 SqM

Not everybody is looking for a permanent move but instead maybe a bolt-hole for when they have a bit of free time and that is where this property comes in. Located just to the north of Valencia in Canet de Berneguer (this author's favourite beach for what it's worth), this cosy apartment even has a community swimming pool in the complex for when you don't fancy traipsing sand in with you from the beach...

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Beach Holiday Penthouse

149,000 EUR

100 SqM

It's official, the holidays are over, for us at VP anyway, and we are now back in the saddle for all your enquiries, questions, emails, whatsapp messages, video calls and coffee meetings, Graham's door is always open (Graham's Note: No it isn't, even I have my limits)….. It's also the time when the local agents start sending us the photos we’ve been requesting for the last month...

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Cabanyal House Project

295,000 EUR

150 SqM

This has been on our radar for a while and now it seems the owner is starting to see sense about the price, so off we went armed with a brand new iPhone, sure in the knowledge that the pictures were going to be amazing, ermmm, some people just aren’t cut out for photography alright? Just leave it...

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All Year Round Getaway

265,000 EUR

150 SqM

Thought that photo might grab your attention….. Well this is an interesting one and was sent to me a few weeks ago, we’ve been extremely busy as usual and I thought nah, its not really our area but as it happens i was down this way with some friends and there’s some lovely little towns to the south of the city, unfortunately little also means not much life, or much to do off season...

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Cabanyal Base Property

139,000 EUR

50 SqM

Definitely a property that is suitable for certain types of people and living but definitely not for others. If what you want is something spacious where over the years you can keep accumulating the detritus of everyday life then this is definitely not one for you. If however you just want a basecamp for getting to the nearby beach and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Cabanyal...

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Practically a Private Beach

235,000 EUR

149 SqM

-Where are you going on your summer holidays this year Roger?- -Rented a 15m2 caravan down in Grimsby Bernard, me, the wife and the mother-in-law. You?- -Oh just off to my 3-storey house on the Med Roger- -You´re a b***tard Bernard- Grimsby might be lovely, never been so can´t confirm either way. I can confirm that the Med is lovely, year-round lovely in fact...

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