Valencia Beach

The area around Valencia beach is a mixture of tumbledown old two floor fishermen's cottages and older and more modern apartment blocks. It has a character all of its own and the property stands right next to the beach and port in Valencia of course.

The area is divided into two separate zones of the Cabañal, near the port, and the Malvarrosa which is also the name of the beach. Cabanyal Property for sale is a varied mix of townhouses and apartments whereas the Malvarrosa is more of a working area. The Malvarrosa also has the advantage of being very near to the Polytechnic University too. Both areas have excellent communications via metro and bus into the centre of Valencia.
Properties Available : 34

High-Rise Beach Apartment

174,000 EUR

100 SqM

We've all looked at those big high-rise complexes on the beach and tut-tutted about urban development and preserving the natural coastline. You know how to improve how these look? By being inside one. Or on the terrace on the 15th floor watching the sunrise over the sea. This apartment is in Playa de Farnals, less than 10km from Valencia city, and the apartment is a couple of hundred metres from the beach...

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Beach Villa with Double the Fun

599,000 EUR

198 SqM

Could you throw a stone 400 metres? Well if you could, then here is a villa just a stone's throw from Les Marines beach on the edge of Denia town, halfway between Valencia and Alicante. Its actually a double villa, the first is 110m2 and there is also a guesthouse of 88m2. The main villa has a porch access to the house, a spacious and cozy living room, separate kitchen, 2 bedrooms...

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A Proper House on Valencia Beach

550,000 EUR

284 SqM

Now that we can all work from home, maybe you are thinking of moving to Valencia city from the UK or Ireland? But perhaps not sure if apartment living is for you, like those crazy foreigners living up on top of each other? Well have a look at this, a proper house just a few metres from the beach, but still in Valencia city. It is in the Malvarrosa beach area...

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Sunset Penthouse Triplex with Tower

259,900 EUR

130 SqM

Here's something you don't see everyday. A penthouse triplex with a tower. It's in the development of Port Saplaya, sometimes called 'Little Venice' (mainly by people who have never been to Venice), a couple of kilometres north of the city right on the beach. The sand is right outside your door here, you could walk in to valencia along the beach, or take the option of the garage space here (€25,000) if you prefer to drive...

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Soon-to-be Beachfront Villa

780,000 EUR

425 SqM

Ever thought you would like a fantastic high-quality beautiful villa on the first line of the beach, with the waves lapping at your garden fence? I know, all those properties are crazy expensive, 7-figure prices. Well here's an opportunity for you. A much more affordable place in Devessa Beach, which is a few kilometres to the north of Denia, about an hour from Valencia city...

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Cabanyal Penthouse With Two Terraces

399,000 EUR

100 SqM

Supply and demand is a wonderful thing isn't it? Outside space is also a wonderful thing (we all found this out during the 2020 lockdown months) So, demand for large terraces in properties went off the scale and supply disappeared completely. And what happens then? Economics 101. Price goes up. In the olden days of 1PC (That's year one pre-Covid for the uninitiated, you may have got a property like this for under 300k...

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Good value Holiday Villa

440,000 EUR

300 SqM

A large 2-storey villa just off the beach very near Denia. An hour from both Valencia and Alicante airports, and only 3 kms to Denia town, this would be a great holiday home. 5 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen inside the house, outside we have a couple of large terraces, a swimming pool, well-cared for gardens and covered parking for up to 4 cars...

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Lego Villa near the Beach

600,000 EUR

427 SqM

This is a serious villa, from the outside at last. No bendy curves or soft lines here. Its big, its square, its here. If Lego made Beach villa sets, then this could be their model. It is just off the beach near Denia, about 5 kms north of the town, a little more than an hour from both Valencia and Alicante airports. There is no messing with this place, you want space, a pool, near the beach, terrace, garage, nice views - check...

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Beach Penthouse with a Head for Heights

360,000 EUR

154 SqM

I get sweaty palms just thinking about this, which is a pity, because otherwise I love it. The problem? This is a penthouse duplex right on the beach in Port Saplaya, a few kilometres north of Valencia city but it is on the ninth and tenth floor. I don't know exactly how high that is, but high enough for you to be looking down on the seagulls anyway, and high enough for me to be backing nervously away from the railing...

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