Denia is a wonderful cosmopolitan town on the Mediterranean coast around an hour and a quarter south of Valencia and equidistant to Valencia and Alicante airports.

It has a port and marina for the nautically inclined amongst you and a variety of nationalities living both in and around the town as well as a good percentage of traditional Spanish families. !

Properties Available : 16

Soon-to-be Beachfront Villa

780,000 EUR

Ever thought you would like a fantastic high-quality beautiful villa on the first line of the beach, with the waves lapping at your garden fence? I know, all those properties are crazy expensive, 7-figure prices. Well here's an opportunity for you. A much more affordable place in Devessa Beach, which is a few kilometres to the north of Denia, about an hour from Valencia city...

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Country House Escape

338,000 EUR

Everybody needs to get away every now and then, maybe somewhere deep in nature where you can't be found. This country house is in Castell de Castells which is a little more than 30 minutes inland and up the mountains from Denia and its beaches, and about an hour and a half from Valencia. If you love nightlife and meeting new people, this is not the place for you...

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Low-maintenance, High comfort Villa

346,000 EUR

A villa on the costas is a bit like a luxury saloon car. Lovely to be seen in, and lovely to look at too, but they can be high maintenance. Mercedes E-class, BMW 3 series top the list for expensive running costs. Fine if the company is footing the bill, but unless they are also paying for your holiday villa then you need to be a bit more careful when it comes to property. This place is not in that high-maintenance category...

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Good value Holiday Villa

440,000 EUR

A large 2-storey villa just off the beach very near Denia. An hour from both Valencia and Alicante airports, and only 3 kms to Denia town, this would be a great holiday home. 5 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen inside the house, outside we have a couple of large terraces, a swimming pool, well-cared for gardens and covered parking for up to 4 cars...

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Magnificent Historic Townhouse in Pego

695,000 EUR

This is a fascinating town house which dates back to the 19th Century has been restored in order to maintain the natural beauty of this unique house. Original frescoes, as well as traditional stone, plaster and wood work everywhere. If you are the kind of person that looks at a sterile white box villa on a cliff top and thinks 'why', then keep reading. Pego is a small town near Denia, just 15 minutes drive from the beaches there...

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Lego Villa near the Beach

600,000 EUR

This is a serious villa, from the outside at last. No bendy curves or soft lines here. Its big, its square, its here. If Lego made Beach villa sets, then this could be their model. It is just off the beach near Denia, about 5 kms north of the town, a little more than an hour from both Valencia and Alicante airports. There is no messing with this place, you want space, a pool, near the beach, terrace, garage, nice views - check...

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Semi-renovated Townhouse in Pego

137,000 EUR

Ok, so here we have a big townhouse in Pego, which is a nice little town about 10k from the beach halfway between Gandia and Denia. Its near a national park, and the countryside is beautiful here, with plenty of beaches and golf courses roundabout. Valencia and Alicante are a little over an hour away in either direction, and this part of Spain gets over 300 days of sun a year...

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Solid townhouse in Ondara, Denia

105,000 EUR

(ahem) Here we'll be focussing mainly on the construction and the location. The photos don't look great, but honestly a few hundred euros and an afternoon in Ikea would add thousands to the asking price of this place. It is distributed over 2 floors, and the upper floor really has not been taken advantage of yet. All the living and sleeping space is downstairs, the top is some utility space and a large roof terrace...

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Denia Apartment in Town Centre

210,000 EUR

This property is in the historic 'Baix la Mar' area of Denia. An old fisherman's quarter, it is obviously right by the sea and this house is on a pedestrian street. The apartment is on the upper-floor of a townhouse with its own access to the street. There are 3 decent sized bedrooms, and a big open-plan kitchen and a cute little balcony...

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