Gandia is one of the largest towns in the Valencia region. It is the original home of the Borgia family and the town itself has a tourist trade based on just this and the gorgeous sandy beaches which attract thousands of tourists especially from Madrid. Gandia remains little known to the foreign tourist market.

Just inland from Gandia are rolling fields of oranges and almonds and the peaks of La Drova that form a stunning backdrop to the town of Gandia itself.

Gandia is a lively town connected to Valencia by train in just 45 minutes and it also takes about the same time to Valencia and the airport by car.

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435,000 EUR

Well this is a bit of a departure from our usual listings and further away than we tend to venture, so how about a super informative description and top quality photo reportage? Nah, how could I let you down like that? Lets get stuck in. Heres a bell. Probably the best photo of the lot so its the first one I have used, (note to self...

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Villa With Stunning Mountain Views in Gandia

325,000 EUR

You want views when you buy a villa so you can enjoy those terraces that are thoughtfully provided with the house and this villa in La Drova, Gandia has views in spades. It even looks a bit Alpine in the photos which is a bit strange seeing as though we are talking about being just 20 minutes from the Mediterranean coast here...

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Villa Perfecta close to Perfect

349,000 EUR

Villa Perfecta is aptly named! It is an impeccable property – spacious, light and airy – situated within exclusive La Drova urbanisation, within a minute or so drive (15 minute walk) of the village of Barx and where there are 2 supermarkets, bars and restaurants, butchers and bakers, a pharmacy and doctor’s surgery and bank – everything you need for day-to-day life. Meanwhile Gandia (and its beaches) is a 15 minute drive...

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Fine Villa In Barx

197,000 EUR

Barx might sound like what happens after a big night on the town (I think that tenth pint must have been a bit off), but in fact its a really nice little town 15 minutes inland from Gandia, and so also 15 minutes from your choice of Mediterranean beaches. Within easy walking distance to this town is this equally lovely villa. It is on urban land, so mains water and mains electric, and also ADSL internet available here...

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Property in Gandía

Villa with a Yard of Grass

218,000 EUR

Give him a ball and a yard of grass He'll give you a move with a perfect pass (Sultans of Ping) A villa outside Gandia, 20 minutes from your choice of beaches with fantastic views and a beautiful garden. And by garden, I mean a lawn. Somewhere you can knock a ball around. Big shortage of that in Spanish gardens...

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Beautiful Classic Townhouse

198,000 EUR

This house is a bit outside our usual area, being in a village on the edge of Gandia town, about an hour from Valencia city, but its such a fantastic townhouse we had to publish it. The idea of a townhouse is appealing to many people, classic spanish architecture and decor, beautiful tile floors, vaulted ceilings and huge wooden doors and windows. However the problem is that many of them are in bad condition...

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A Real Spanish Villa

269,000 EUR

This villa has a real 'Spanish' feel, which might sound strange, but if you've been looking around at villas you'll know that a lot of them lack a bit of character, and apart from the sun belting down splitting the stones, you could be anywhere. This place is in the hills just in off the coast of Gandia near to Barx, south of Valencia city (80kms). Withing 15 minutes you have a choice of beautiful beaches. Its south facing...

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Interesting Villa close to Gandia

285,000 EUR

This villa for sale in La Drova benefits from having a flat plot, within which is a full size tennis court. This is unusual because many properties that had tennis courts were purchased by developers during the boom years – so that they could built upon! So, if you like tennis, then this may well be the villa for you! The main accommodation of this villa is on one floor...

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Aptly named Villa Perfecta

355,000 EUR

Villa Perfecta is aptly named! Impeccable and extremely well-built, this superb villa is a delight. Indeed, if you are looking for the perfect home in Spain then this must surely be it. Spacious, light and airy and blessed with a gorgeous garden (on a flat plot), the property provides you with everything you could possibly need. It even has a fine one-bedroom apartment – great for guests...

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