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The story of Valencia Property is simple. The founder, Graham, was looking to buy a house in Valencia and the service by the huge majority of agents was absolutely terrible. It took forever and they never listened to what he wanted, they just took him to see what they could offer.

The last straw was when an agent showed three houses in a wasted afternoon, none of which corresponded to what Graham wanted and all of which were well above the budget and then asked:

"OK, which are you buying?".

The response was mostly unprintable but involved quite a bit of swearing and mentioning that he couldn't afford them.

"Don't worry", said the agent, "I can get you the mortgage!"
"But I can't pay it!" was the response and Graham walked out.

Six months later Valencia Property was born when a friend ,having seen the chaos that had unfolded before asked Graham to help find him a house. For two years Graham had been helping people find rentals, locating, visiting, translating and sorting out the contracts so buying couldn't be that difficult right?

In six weeks the house had been found, a price agreed and a mortgage done. Valencia Property was born.

The company has now been working in Valencia for two decades and goes from strength to strength.

We have seen the boom in the early 2000's, the bust after the financial crisis and the return of the market over the last decade. We know the market inside out and we know Valencia inside out. Ask us anything about the residential market in Valencia and we probably can give you an informed answer. More importantly if we can't we don't bluff it, we let you know and we will always know someone who CAN answer the question. Lawyers, architects, surveyors, builders, painters, electricians, plumbers, tax advisors, gardeners, pool maintenance people... basically anything you can want we know people to do it and do it well.

In the last two decades Valencia Property has helped thousands of people find their perfect home in and around Valencia and even in other parts of Spain. Even when we haven't found the property our clients have found our help invaluable over the years. What we do is the following:

We listen to you for your requirements
We search out the whole of the market to find the things that suit those requirements not only what you see on the site here
We take you by the hand through the whole process of purchase and beyond

Importantly what we offer and what we have always offered is a highly personalised, friendly and informal service. You will never see us suited and booted and we are not at all corporate in the way we deal with people. If you want somebody personable to work with you in this way then you won't find any better. However above all we are extremely professional because we know what we are doing, twenty years of experience in the Valencia Property market means that there is hardly ever anything that surprises us.

Want us to prove it? Contact us and let us know what we can do for you.

Graham, David, Jess, Maria, Gavin, Paul and the rest of the VP team.

About Valencia Property