Valencia Towns

The property for sale in Valencia towns is of a wide variety with something for most tastes. It varies from the laid back luxury and cachet of towns such as La Eliana, La Cañada and the estates around Puzol to the more rustic charms of the wine growing areas of Pedralba and Villar del Arzobispo, the working towns of La Pobla de Vallbona, Chiva, Cheste and Lliria and the more isolated mountain towns in the Sierra Calderona like Naquera, Serra and Olocau.

Valencia towns are lively and well communicated into the city and living in a town in Valencia should be considered an option for those wanting more of a community feel rather than the more isolated life in the Campo (Countryside)
Properties Available : 56

A Cup of Tea

640,000 EUR

360 SqM

Just the ticket if you like this type of thing, this one is hot to trot and ready to go, apparently theres so much interest that by the time you read this you may have even missed the boat, but you never know, so do get in touch, if you like this type of thing. All mod cons in an excellently peaceful location for the active family and an easy run down the CV35 to one of those fancy International Schools...

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There must be a Story Villa

682,590 EUR

364 SqM

I love a super specific price tag for a house. A seemingly random number, but you know there must be a story behind it. I like to think it’s absolutely non-negotiable (but I’m sure it is), and the owner has come up with this number for a very definite reason. This property is L’Eliana for example. 682.590...

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You have been Looking in the Wrong Place Apartment

155,000 EUR

113 SqM

Wait, don’t tell me, I can guess what it is you are looking for. Is it an apartment with a balcony, views, already renovated and your budget is about €150.000? How did I know that? Because at the moment, that’s what everybody wants, and to be honest, if we do find something like that in the city you will be at the end of a long list of clients who have been asking us for the same thing going back months...

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A Happy Family Home

395,000 EUR

300 SqM

Now this seems like a No-Brainer if ever there was one and with a price tag that will surely grab a lot of peoples attention, La Eliana is Toppermost of the Poppermost for a lot of people and has been for quite some time now and whenever we find a property thats walking distance from the town itself we get quite enthusiastic because here are schools, sports facilities...

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Multi Home Project or Private Mansion

695,000 EUR

700 SqM

Well hello there! If you’ve got this far its because you’re looking for an absolutely enormous property to develop, maybe for your ever expanding Amish family, or maybe you want to open a Kibbutz, or crowd fund a Hipsters Yoga Retreat, Boutique Hotel, Luxury Dog Kennels, Spanish Cricket HQ, Retirement Home or any other venture that requires space and potential...

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Next Level Family Home

345,000 EUR

300 SqM

A nice solid build and large family home for anyone who prefers a bit of peace and quiet and doesn’t mind the extra 5 minutes in the car to get it, set in a Cul de Sac on the San Lazaro Urbanisation in La Pobla de Vallbona, close to Maravisa, Montesano, Decathlon and Consum and a 10 minute drive into La Eliana and Betera for meals out, shopping and the Metro into the city...

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Vallbona Value Villa

260,000 EUR

308 SqM

Those of you who have been paying attention will know that we here at VP are fans of La Pobla de Vallbona. Why? Well, it’s a 20-minute drive to Valencia city, also on the metro line and the price per square meter is a lot cheaper than its neighbouring town of La Eliana. Basically, your money goes further here. The town itself is a decent size and has everything you need at hand. But don’t take my word for it...

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Enjoy the Silence

155,000 EUR

97 SqM

There's a lot to be said for the local towns and value for money outside the city and we do encourage people to cast their net a bit wider, very recently in fact, in the article below And as I sat down to write this description from my city apartment there was an emergency somewhere, some fire engines and ambulances flew by with their deafening sirens set to eleven (Painful to me...

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Villa in Vilamarxante

295,000 EUR

290 SqM

Before you know it we’ll be into March, and Fallas will be upon us for a few days of fancy fireworks, deafening Mascletas, huge monuments that get burnt on the last day, and endless tins of flat Amstel, nothing much in the way of work gets done and its kind of like Marmite or Horchata, something you either love or hate, but certainly worth experiencing at least once. Anyway...

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