Valencia Towns

The property for sale in Valencia towns is of a wide variety with something for most tastes. It varies from the laid back luxury and cachet of towns such as La Eliana, La Cañada and the estates around Puzol to the more rustic charms of the wine growing areas of Pedralba and Villar del Arzobispo, the working towns of La Pobla de Vallbona, Chiva, Cheste and Lliria and the more isolated mountain towns in the Sierra Calderona like Naquera, Serra and Olocau.

Valencia towns are lively and well communicated into the city and living in a town in Valencia should be considered an option for those wanting more of a community feel rather than the more isolated life in the Campo (Countryside)
Properties Available : 66

Blue Skies and Sea Views

298,000 EUR

215 SqM

I think its time we (you) started paying more attention to Cullera, often cited as Madrid on Sea for many generations of city dwellers looking for a summer retreat it has really started to look like an excellent option for people who are familiar with Valencia but don’t want to go too far for a few days on some excellent beaches and invest in a second home...

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Home Truths

280,000 EUR

190 SqM

Here's a splendid looking house in a very tranquil spot in Naquera with plenty of space for gardens and an outdoor lifestyle, perfect for those who want to rest their bones and prefer not to spend the precious time left looking after a huge property, paint and maintain and heat and cool and clean, and repeat, life’s just too short for all that...

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To the Manor Born

1,100,000 EUR

750 SqM

Set in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona and La Carrasca, (the best part of Naquera btw, one of the neighbours told me) we find this chalet, villa, house or what i would call a spectacular Mansion, set on an impressively large plot, perfectly secluded and private and despite the seven-figure price tag, extraordinary value for money when you consider its size and condition. Built in 1976 but renovated...

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Oasis Part II

650,000 EUR

500 SqM

Its no wonder that certain areas and streets seem to be perennially popular for our type of client, recently we sold a lovely large house just across the road and now we have another excellent listing, lets call it Oasis of Calm Part II, set on the same quiet cul de sac, here once again we find a wonderful home for a large family with loads of room to spread out on its two levels, perfect, private and peaceful...

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House with a Sea View

350,000 EUR

138 SqM

Very often when a client describes the type of house they would like, straight away we can tell them which areas of Valencia or the surrounding area they will find it. You won’t get a house with a garden in the city centre for example. And one of the most common requests from people new to Valencia and maybe unfamiliar with it, is to ask for a house with a sea view...

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An Adosado is a Perfect Family Home

280,000 EUR

223 SqM

This house is an adosado, which means a terraced house. Now if an image of Coronation Street has just come into your mind, forget it, not that type of terraced house. These are really somewhere in-between an independent house with a private pool, and an apartment. And depending on your situation, they can be the perfect home, particularly for families. This is located in San Antonio de Benegebuer which is just outside the city...

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Not a trick of the Heat

199,000 EUR

148 SqM

August in Valencia And its impossible to see properties Because owners are away At the beach Or in the mountains And the streets are almost empty The only thing that moves Is an agent Sweat trickling down back Arriving home with precious information Of an affordable apartment Less than 200k with pool and balcony, parking and convenient to the city and airport Not a trick of the heat There are photos AC by ducts...

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I Wont Rabbit On

1,350,000 EUR

466 SqM

There’s a paradox that I haven’t given a name yet but basically the better a property, the less interesting the description will be. The reason being that the photos will do the heavy-lifting and you will see fairly quickly how good said property is. Today’s house being an excellent case in point, the photos do a far better job of selling it than any words of mine could have done...

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Flour Power

190,000 EUR

187 SqM

Here is a chance for you to own a bit of local history dear readers. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona national park is the town of Olocau and it is here that you will find this glorious townhouse which originally functioned as the local bakery. You will find evidence of this inside where the owners remodelled while keeping some of the original features, including a brick oven tucked under the stairs...

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