Valencia Towns

The property for sale in Valencia towns is of a wide variety with something for most tastes. It varies from the laid back luxury and cachet of towns such as La Eliana, La Cañada and the estates around Puzol to the more rustic charms of the wine growing areas of Pedralba and Villar del Arzobispo, the working towns of La Pobla de Vallbona, Chiva, Cheste and Lliria and the more isolated mountain towns in the Sierra Calderona like Naquera, Serra and Olocau.

Valencia towns are lively and well communicated into the city and living in a town in Valencia should be considered an option for those wanting more of a community feel rather than the more isolated life in the Campo (Countryside)
Properties Available : 51

Country Villa in Naquera Town

360,000 EUR

332 SqM

You might be forgiven looking at the photos here and thinking this property is in the middle of the forest. Trees and bushes everywhere, so sign of neighbours, I know, you're thinking rustic land and septic tanks. But no! throw all the paper and other objects down the toilet that your heart desires, this villa is in Naquera town, look at the map. There is a restaurant across the road...

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Great House in a good Neighbourhood

444,000 EUR

390 SqM

Villa in a consolidated urbanization of the town of L'Eliana. Very close to public transport, schools and sports centers. Built on a plot of 874 m2 with a garden, swimming pool and jacuzzi (nice and bubbly), several terraces and motorized entrance for vehicles. The house itself is 390m2 over 2 floors as well as a basement and loft area. The ground floor is spacious and open, with a wooden staircase the main attraction...

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Beautiful Classic Townhouse

198,000 EUR

200 SqM

This house is a bit outside our usual area, being in a village on the edge of Gandia town, about an hour from Valencia city, but its such a fantastic townhouse we had to publish it. The idea of a townhouse is appealing to many people, classic spanish architecture and decor, beautiful tile floors, vaulted ceilings and huge wooden doors and windows. However the problem is that many of them are in bad condition...

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Great Value Naquera Apartment

70,000 EUR

111 SqM

Valencia city and surrounding area has taken off in popularity recently. But there are still some real bargains to be had if you know where to look. But like a Bring-your-own party in a Downing Street garden, these won't stay secret forever so listen up. This apartment is right in the town of Naquera - one of our favorites - 25kms from Valencia and less to the beach. It is large, over 110m2 and has 4 bedrooms...

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Townhouse with Castle View

131,900 EUR

144 SqM

Coming to Spain dreaming of flamenco dancers, bullfighters and medieval castles, but then disappointed when you get here to discover that Valencia is actually a shiny, super-modern 21st century city? Well listen up, because although we'll leave the flamenco and the toreros to the tourist trap, we have found you a castle. In Betera town, this townhouse has spectacular views of the castle from the large terrace...

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This Townhouse is better than a Mansion

95,000 EUR

122 SqM

Are you a stairs lover? Moving your legs rhythmically up and down and then magically being higher than you were? Who doesn’t love that? But climbing the same old boring stairs everyday can get on anybody’s nerves, even for a lover of stairs. So what if I told you I had found a house with such a variety of stairs that you will never get bored again? This house is in the centre of Rafelbunyol town...

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Interesting Burjassot Townhouse

125,000 EUR

145 SqM

Really interesting place, maybe even the good kind of interesting. A townhouse in Burjassot, a few kilometres from Valencia city centre, and well served by metro, with two stops in the town. The University of Valencia has a large campus here, its on the edge of the countryside while also being convenient for many companies based in the Technological Park which is nearby, beside Valencia CF's training ground in fact...

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More for your Money Apartment in Naquera

105,000 EUR

93 SqM

This apartment is in Naquera. Naquera is not in Valencia city. I can't emphasise that enough, because I know I will get emails from people when they see the price and the word Valencia mentioned. So, again, not Valencia city. But it does go to show how much further your money can go once you move out a little bit. And it is only a little bit. Naquera is 25kms from the city and 15 from the beach. One of our favourite towns...

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Second Floor Flat in Burjassot

82,000 EUR

70 SqM

Valencia Property presents a second floor apartment in a building in Burjassot with a classical facade. Description is the same as the previous property really, two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and.... oh this one has a kitchen. You also get something a little bit special, a shared roof terrace (You also have the option of buying the first floor apartment, the kitchenless one...

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