Chiva is the sister town of Cheste to all intents and purposes. It lies to the west of Valencia on the Madrid motorway and is the last town before the mountains taking you up to the meseta.

Chiva has some very well appointed estates around it including the excellent El Bosque estate with its golf course. The town is communicated to Valencia by the motorway in twenty minutes and train in half an hour. It has all the facilities you would expect for a town of its size and is surrounded by really nice rolling hills where the majority of the property lies.

Properties Available : 4

Views and Breezes in Calicanto

275,000 EUR

Waking up every morning to a gorgeous view from the end of your bed is something that not everyone can aspire to. Oftentimes we have a view of just a wall, a window leading to nowhere or worse an old 16 inch TV hung precariously on the wall from back in the days when our eyes could make out what was happening on such a small screen. In this house you get orange groves...

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Property in Chiva

The View from the Balcony Villa

795,000 EUR

As I write we are on the last day of the wettest and dullest March on record here in Valencia. A reminder for some of us what it was like to grow up in a climate where grey skies were normal, and a good day was a day it didn't rain all day. But now summer is around the corner, and the Spanish have a beautiful saying for this time of year:- 'Hasta que un ingles se tire del balcon, no...

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The Nineteenth Hole

190,000 EUR

Valencia Propety presents a famous joke about golf, it's a good walk ruined. Trying to hit a small projectile into a small hole a great distance away with a strange shaped stick while wearing oddly pastel coloured sponsored pyjamas is not a great look for a "sport". When the main participants in the sport, at least in the USA are...

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Villa with own Recording Studio

295,000 EUR

This is definitely not your average villa. Located in an impressive urbanisation (El Bosque) less than 30 minutes from Valencia city, even less from the airport and the beach. Golf courses nearby, the house has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There is a community pool, padel and tennis courts. However, none of that is why you would look for or buy this place. We haven't even got to the best bit...

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