Terms and conditions.

Valencia property will charge a fee of 3% for any purchase carried out through our intermediation.

On rentals Valprop Ltd will charge one month's rental for the intermediation. This money is discounted from any future purchase by the same person but not for relatives or friends.

You do not pay Valprop Ltd anything until completion of sale or rental, however rentals booked in advance of the date of moving in will be liable to half of the fee being paid upfront and if you buy one of our relocation packages then that is paid for upfront.

Valprop Ltd tries to ensure that all information on the website is correct however we rely on the honesty of the owners of the properties and therefore Valencia Property cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the descriptions presented.

Prices are those agreed with the owner at the time of viewing. Sometimes an owner will not inform us of a price change and the property may be found elsewhere at a lower price. If this happens a call is usually made to the owner when they say "Oh I forgot to tell you", and we immediately change the price. If you see any of our properties cheaper elsewhere feel free to send us an email to information@valencia-property.com and we will look into it.