Lliria Valencia is a town 25km away from Valencia, inland to the North West. You get there from Valencia in just over 15 minutes on the CV35 motorway. Property for sale in Lliria comes in many types but the main aspect of Lliria is that there are 83 recognised estates around Lliria and most of these are originally places where housing sprung up rather than was developed. Therefore chalets and villas for sale in Lliria are in a huge variety of styles and they can be in areas right next to the town or up to 10km out from the centre.

Lliria is the administrative capital of the Turia valley so you will probably end up having to visit Lliria for one reason or another. It is also known the \"La Ciudad de la Música\" because of the brass bands and music schools that can be seen entertaining fans at half time in Valencia football club matches.

Lliria has a mtero station and bus links into Valencia and the surrounding towns so buying a flat for sale in Lliria is another option as you are not stuck without access to Valencia city.

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