Lliria Valencia is a town 25km away from Valencia, inland to the North West. You get there from Valencia in just over 15 minutes on the CV35 motorway. Property for sale in Lliria comes in many types but the main aspect of Lliria is that there are 83 recognised estates around Lliria and most of these are originally places where housing sprung up rather than was developed. Therefore chalets and villas for sale in Lliria are in a huge variety of styles and they can be in areas right next to the town or up to 10km out from the centre.

Lliria is the administrative capital of the Turia valley so you will probably end up having to visit Lliria for one reason or another. It is also known the \"La Ciudad de la Música\" because of the brass bands and music schools that can be seen entertaining fans at half time in Valencia football club matches.

Lliria has a mtero station and bus links into Valencia and the surrounding towns so buying a flat for sale in Lliria is another option as you are not stuck without access to Valencia city.

For our selection of Lliria property for sale look below and if you want any specific type of property or want to sell a property in Lliria then use the contact button and get in touch.

Properties Available : 10

Better-than-most Villa, just outside Lliria town

175,000 EUR

Look, I know some of you spend hours and hours looking for that perfect property. And after a while they all start to look the same. The same living rooms, the same pools, all the bedrooms just blend into one. And to be honest, a quick look at this place and you could be thinking you've seen it all before. But we do like this place, its barely outside Lliria town, all on one level nice manageable gardens, decent pool...

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Value Villa Needs a Bit of Order

117,500 EUR

- Ok, let's get your property uploaded for sale then. We'll just take some photos and we're good to go. - Great, let's do it - - - You don't want to maybe tidy up a little? - Sorry? - Well, the full ashtray in the kitchen maybe... - What now? You saying my house isn't clean? - No, no, of course not, just perhaps the bedroom is a little.... - A little...??? - Look, don't worry, its fine. Nobody looks at the photos anyway...

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Lliria Villa With Scope For Improvement

169,000 EUR

At times property descriptions gloss over the current state of a property describing it as "tired" or "in need of attention". This property in Lliria could easily be described as Rip Van Winkle and in need of the attention that is required by a hyperactive 6 year old maxxed out on E-Numbers and that yellow stuff they used to put into the breadcrumbs on fish fingers. Let's get the bad out of the way first...

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Deceptively unPokey Townhouse

82,000 EUR

I had to double check the size of this, 158 m2 is a decent size, but the photos have managed to make it look very pokey. So instead of wading through those photos, let's jump forward a few months. The downstairs has been opened up into a large open plan bright area. That bedroom inside the front door is gone and the kitchen has been redone in a light modern finish. On the middle floor...

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A Villa with Potential This is

120,000 EUR

A villa situated just outside Lliria in the urbanisation Caramello K9-8 , named after one of those robot lads from Star Wars I suppose. No death star here, although a little bit run down to be fair. Lovely big garden space, front and back that has been allowed to run a bit wild. Its no joke looking after a big plot like this, but a goat, or an ewok or something would keep the grass down...

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Large Impressive Lliria Villa

357,000 EUR

This is a really well thought out and presented house in Lliria with an excellent plot and pool and plenty of space to let your imagination run free inside. The house measures 380m2 in total over its three floors on a 900m2 corner plot. It has four double bedrooms, three bathrooms, extra rooms for developing as you wish, the attic room being one of those, plenty of terraces, garage...

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Simple Lliria Villa With Garden

180,000 EUR

A nice looking Lliria villa on a plot of 822m2 on the oasis estate near to the Park at San Vicente. This modernised villa is set on two floors with 103m2 in total. On the ground floor we have a living room, kitchen, washroom and storeroom with a single bedroom and bathroom. Upstairs we have a large terrace, three bedrooms with views to the garden and a bathroom with shower. The ample gardens have a pond...

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Beautiful Villa in Lliria

195,000 EUR

Detached Mediterranean style villa on a single floor with a constructed area of ​​211 m² and with a plot of 872 m² perfectly located in a quiet area in the town of Llíria. The beautiful garden leads us to the entrance of the house; It is has a living room with fireplace, a spacious bathroom with a bathtub, a separate kitchen, four large double bedrooms and a main room...

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Property in Lliria

Cute Well Kept Lliria Villa With Pool

150,000 EUR

Nicely maintained single floor villa in Lliria with excellent swimming pool on a good sized plot. Just a couple of kilometres out from Lliria and Benissano we find this well modernised villa with three bedrooms and bathroom. The plot of 875m2 contains a house of 125m2 with outhouse too. The pool has a built in Jacuzzi and is fenced in case you have any small children, you can keep them fenced in. There is a garage space...

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