Torrente, also known as Torrent, is a city located within the metropolitan area of Valencia, Spain. It is the largest municipality of the Horta Oest comarca, with a population of 83,962 inhabitants as of 2020. The city is situated about 7 km from Valencia city proper and is connected to it via the metro. The two metro lines that serve Torrente are Line 1 and Line 5. The city is bordered by Aldaia, Alaquàs, Xirivella, Picanya, Catarroja, Alcàsser, Picassent, Montserrat, Godelleta, Turís, and Chiva.

Torrente has a few small hills in its municipal territory, including El Vedat, Morredondo, Barret, Cabeçol de l'Aranya, and the Serra Perenchiza. The city has an interesting cultural life and a decades-old chocolate tradition, which is a delicious speciality worth checking out in person if you are a chocolate lover. The city also has a few notable landmarks, including the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, the Hermitage of the Holy Christ of the Mountain, and the Palace of the Counts of Cervellón.

To get to Torrente, you can take Valencia's metro lines 1 and 5, which stop at the 1 Torrent metro station in the town center and the 2 Torrent Avinguda metro station, with a nearby taxi stand. Both stations are in Zone B. The center of the old town is easily navigable by foot, and there are also bus services available. TorrentBus serves four routes in the city, and MetroBus line 170 makes multiple stops between Torrent and Valencia. If you are looking for a comfortable life in a suburb of Valencia, Torrente is a great option to consider.

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