Pedralba is known as the birthplace of the best wine, at least in Pedralba! The town as you can imagine is surrounded by vineyards and orange groves and is a working town with lots of tractors around and a large cooperative for the farmers.

Pedralba property for sale consists of a lot of widely spread out villas in the orange groves and some townhouses in the village itself.

As Pedralba lies about 8km due west of Villamarchante, property prices tend to be lower than in the towns closer to Valencia and plots are generally larger.

Properties Available : 1

Pretty Decent Pedralba Villa

150,000 EUR

We see so many of these villas, like this one here just a couple of kilometres from Pedralba. And if you've been looking for awhile you will have too. And to a certain extent they start to look similar, so what to look for, what sets a good one apart from a bad one? Well, remember this - Pool, Kitchen, Toilets and Utilities, or PoKiToUt, as we know it as in the trade...

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