Inland Valencia

You don't have to go far from the city to find Inland Valencia with its orange and almond groves and olive trees dotted around. Houses for sale in inland Valencia tend to be on rustic land away from the towns themselves and offer a laid back style of life away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia city whilst still being close enough to enjoy city life too.

Inland Valencia property is varied and eclectic, it doesn't suffer from the uniformity of construction you often find in other regions. Check out our inland Valencia properties below.
Properties Available : 26

Large Calicanto Villa With Great Views

320,000 EUR

300 SqM

You get a lot more for your money outside the more traditional areas of La Eliana, Betera and Rocafort as examples. Go just a few minutes further, in this case just past the golf course at El Bosque and up the hill so you get some great views, and you can find special properties like this one. Large, imposing and at the same time inviting...

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Beautiful Modern Villa in the Country

395,000 EUR

302 SqM

This villa is ideal for those looking for a country life but with none of the typical disadvantages of choosing to buy in the country. For example, is this your typical old house in need of renovation (and probably built illegally) – absolutely not, built in 2009, with all licenses and land registry red tape done correctly, and immaculately looked after in the meantime. I bet there's no public transport – Wrong again...

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Morning Sunshine

450,000 EUR

140 SqM

Whenever I hear the word "sunshine" I can only think of saying it in a Michael Caine/Bob Hoskins voice as an east London gangster threatening to dump someone in the Thames with concrete boots. However, the sunshine we are talking about here was the early morning type streaming into the kitchen and living room when we took the photos. So no death threats...

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Snow White and the Seven Years After

360,000 EUR

470 SqM

It's a little known fact that the years after being rescued by Prince with him playing a riff from Purple Rain while puckering up, Snow White's life wasn't quite lived happily ever after. It turns out that the Prince was a bit of a control freak after hearing of his powers to revive random women with "Love's first kiss", and he lost it a bit...

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Castle - and monastery view in Serra

415,000 EUR

199 SqM

What a place this is! An acre of land, a house you can move right into, but above all the absolute silence and the view of the nunnery and castle of Serra. You can almost imagine the knights galloping over the mountain top with their horses to protect their lord of the castle in days gone by...

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Wonderfully Secluded Villa Near Chiva

210,000 EUR

200 SqM

For those of you looking for a little bit more then we present you with this excellent villa on the edge of an Urb near to Chiva just 20 minutes from Valencia. But what is it that you get a little bit more of here? Let's take a look shall we and we need to do this in words as once more the photos leave a lot to be desired. (Again we will be taking more photos on the next visit weather conditions allowing) 1) Bedrooms...

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So Much to Like But Things to Do

260,000 EUR

183 SqM

A villa that couldn't be more typical of the type so loved by those building in Naquera around the 80s. What do you get that's typical? Those floors, that barbecue area, a frontón, whatever is going on with that ceiling in the living room... you get the idea. This is 1980's Valencia with knobs on and leg warmers but some things have been updated, it has heating and air conditioning. However you will need to update...

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Luxury Living in Betera

850,000 EUR

350 SqM

Some people say that all new build properties look the same and on visiting this you might be inclined to agree from outside as there is a row of similar houses. The owner knows this as he built them, he is the developer of the road. However, what we know is that when someone builds something for themselves then they add in a few special features and in this case we have a lot of them...

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Fantastic Home on Huge Plot and Even More Potential

525,000 EUR

250 SqM

Valencia Property presents a beautiful house, a fantastic pool house overlooking an excellent pool and gardens, a separate build for guests and storage, a huge plot on a gated estate in the Valencian countryside but just 25 minutes from the city, 20 from the airport and 15 to plenty of choice in your international schools... What more could you ask for? Well...

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