Inland Valencia

You don't have to go far from the city to find Inland Valencia with its orange and almond groves and olive trees dotted around. Houses for sale in inland Valencia tend to be on rustic land away from the towns themselves and offer a laid back style of life away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia city whilst still being close enough to enjoy city life too.

Inland Valencia property is varied and eclectic, it doesn't suffer from the uniformity of construction you often find in other regions. Check out our inland Valencia properties below.
Properties Available : 53

Large Calicanto Villa With Great Views

320,000 EUR

300 SqM

You get a lot more for your money outside the more traditional areas of La Eliana, Betera and Rocafort as examples. Go just a few minutes further, in this case just past the golf course at El Bosque and up the hill so you get some great views, and you can find special properties like this one. Large, imposing and at the same time inviting...

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A Garden of Delights and a 1001 Nights

265,000 EUR

450 SqM

One of the main teachings of the Arabian Nights is that Scheherazade always leaves the Sultan wanting more. And why not? If she doesn't she stands a good chance of being beheaded the next morning. If there was ever an incentive to make up a story with no end then the Saturday morning cinemas of our youth had nothing on Scheherazade...

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Beautiful La Eliana Villa

565,000 EUR

200 SqM

Elegance and class surrounded by a consolidated garden with excellent pool. There's something a bit Germanic about the design of this villa in La Eliana from the outside while it maintains its traditional Spanish interior look. This five bedroom house has three bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terrace and plenty of space in its 200m2. It lies on a good sized plot of 914m2 with a couple of garage spaces. Air conditioned...

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Pull my Finger for a Miracle Villa

670,000 EUR

365 SqM

A beautiful house in the urbanisation of Alfinach, close to the beach and to a number of international schools in this area. It’s actually located on The Miracles of Sant Vicent street. Sant Vicent is the patron saint of Valencia and just what are these miracles? Well at just 9 years of age, he cured a neighbour of a malignant abscess (the worst type of abscess I think you’ll agree). He then became known as Vicent the Finger...

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Truly Stunning Location in Naquera

450,000 EUR

160 SqM

Valencia Property presents this really impressively renovated villa on a huge plot of 2800m2 in Naquera on the Carrasca Urb. Walkable distance into town downhill and maybe take your scooter or ebike down for the short trip back. The plot is amazing on many levels with a perfectly designed and looked after garden for those of you with green fingers...

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The House Of the Rising Sun in Olocau

295,000 EUR

350 SqM

Valencia Property presents...

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Rental Property in Naquera

69,999 EUR

80 SqM

We always have to have a feature to hang the blurb on when describing apartments otherwise it just becomes a boring 3 beds, bathroom, walls, etc... snorefest (If you want the boring description switch this page to Spanish). So here there are three things to hang it on and I thought I'd let you choose your own adventure. The features are: 1) Alcatraz 2) That Fridge 3) The Rental Possibilities Let's take them by turn...

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Serenity Now

1,300,000 EUR

509 SqM

A magnificent, unique, luxury villa – the perfect place to live, with no expense spared to make this a truly exceptional, dream home. This is a wonderfully traditional Spanish building which provides a sumptuous modern living style. The villa has a cliff top, dominating position, which has tremendous, unobstructed views, not just to the sea but also to the dramatic mountains of La Safor...

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Orange Groves and History

595,000 EUR

700 SqM

If your dream is to be the owner of some extensive orange fields and a bit of history in the Valencian Campo then this old Masia may tick a lot of boxes. The price is 595k but you'll need more than that to buy this as a reform/modernisation is required. However you would be buying a piece of history. Yes, you could live here as is but no heating apart from the wood burner and these old buildings get cold in the winter...

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