Valencia Property Client Testimonials

This is just a little page to show the reaction we have from people who have bought through Valencia Property recently or in the past. Hopefully it should give you an idea of the lengths we go to in order to help out our clients.

From Steve/David

We decided to buy with Valencia Property having found that the website was up to date, informative, and had a good range of property, in a lot of areas that we liked.

After initial contact with Graham, we found him to be a clear communicator, who replied to our emails with speed, authority and clarity. We gave Graham a list of requirements and arranged a date to meet. We viewed five properties and bought the first one we saw, which was Graham's wild card! Following our offer, we found Graham to be positive, reliable with a good networks of friends and contacts, who each have been as helpful.

Graham has since been a good source of local and national information with his YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

We would happily recommend Valencia Property, and would buy again.

From David/Tricia

We have spent some time now going through the various information and resources you have provided. The information has been invaluable and your willingness to provide unbiased comment and advice is a breath of fresh air. Being as informed as this even before we set foot in Spain to look for a home provides us with such an advantage over where we would have been. Thank you so much for this and all of you help to date. We hope one day to be able to add our experiences to your portfolio of knowledge.

Thank you for the time you gave us on our visit. Looking at so many different places is really helping us to home in on where and what will be our new life and home. It is almost impossible to quantify the confidence you have given us in making the move to Spain. The experience to date is so different from England we can tell how much you care about what you do. You deserve all the success you can get because the help you provide is fantastic. We will be in touch again.

Graham, instalment three. As you know we are now owners of a lovely town house and are so looking forward to moving to Spain. I am 100% convinced that the trouble free process in the end much easier than England and cheaper came about primarily due to visiting your website, and all the people you introduced us too. For any prospective customers I want them to know that you are the person that they should come to if they are buying in and around Valencia. I am happy to share my experiences with anybody you feel would benefit from them, and would be happy to provide you with an interview should you feel it would help.