Valencia is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. A compact city of almost 1 million people Valencia has a stunning architectural mix of the old and modern. Valencia is a much cheaper and less tourist ridden version of Barcelona with the added advantage of better weather and it is also the greenest city in southern Europe thanks to an accident of history, the floods of the 1950's. Valencia property for sale is a melting pot of styles. The old fishermen's cottages in the Cabanyal, the ultra modern flats overlooking the city of arts and sciences and the beautiful facades of the Carmen old town, Ensanche and Ruzafa give an intoxicating mix of options when looking for apartments for sale in Valencia. Apartments for sale in Valencia City are varied and affordable and give you a great choice of places to live. Valencians love fireworks and Valencia is the loudest city in Europe apparently and glorifies in that status. Bear it in mind when buying a flat or apartment in Valencia. You will love your property for sale in Valencia city but not if you are living above the local party central
Properties Available : 56

A Divas Xmas Wish

760,000 EUR

160 SqM

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need A Penthouse Attic In Ensanche, with a terrace just for me I would like you for my home, like most people, don’t you know Make my wish come true, all i want for Christmas is you. I don't want a lot for Christmas, just something i really like Good bones, prime estate location, and some storage for the bikes I don't mind a fixer upper...

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Time for a Rhyme

225,000 EUR

90 SqM

There was a nice flat in the city Who’s suitors said “Wow, thats so pretty” So with foresight and vision They made a decision But offered too low...

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Fully Furnished Bright Apartment on Tramline

165,000 EUR

100 SqM

When you think of Spain, the Mediterranean and Valencia, I bet sunshine is one of the first things to come into your head. So the last thing you want is to live in a dark apartment. This place has perfect orientation, catching the sun almost all day long. It is exterior, so the sun shines directly into the living room and main bedroom...

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Wax On Wax Off

115,000 EUR

60 SqM

Or flat on, flat off, these kind of properties don’t seem to last very long so here’s a very quick listing that would suit someone here on the ground right now, ready with NIE, bank account and the money to sweep the leg and snap up this little investment in La Raiosa. This 60m2 of 3 bedrooms, Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Balconies and Terrace for your bikes is a nice...

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The Nip and Tuck

175,000 EUR

100 SqM

A picture of the street location on a warm November afternoon, about 27º in fact, and this morning it’s hammering it down, hasn’t the weather been mad this year? You can forget about that electric car nonsense, they'll be doing the viewings in kayaks in 30 years time. The reason here for the lead photo is fairly obvious, this property built in 1971 does not stand out at all, but just like an ugly acquaintance...

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Apartment of Few Words

540,000 EUR

170 SqM

Word has reached of a particularly interesting property on one of the best streets in one of the most prestigious areas of Valencia. And I’m afraid that’s really all we have, a word (or 2), no photographs. I can tell you that its in the Pla de Remei barrio though, a couple of hundred metres from the riverbed, and a similar distance from Colon Street. Its somewhere in the photo above if that helps. Why the secrecy? Honestly...

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Going Going...

138,000 EUR

63 SqM

A pattern is emerging with our listings below a certain pricepoint: Day 1 - List Day 2 - Inquiries Day 3 - Visits Day 4 - Mark as sold Whether it’s somebody who spots a good investment opportunity for rentals, or a bolthole to spend a few months of the year, or simply someone happy not to live slap-bang in the centre or any of the “hip” neighbourhoods, these properties just aren’t hanging around for long...

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Just a Really Good Apartment

199,000 EUR

102 SqM

Look, this one is straightforward. An apartment in a nice part of town, beside the tram line and 10 minutes from the centre. High up and facing south so loads of light. We're in La Saidia area, the first place you hit when you walk north out of the city centre and cross the riverbed. This particular street is nice with lots of cafes and restaurants, but everything shuts down about 9 or 10 so nice and quiet in the evenings...

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Taylor-made Penthouse if you are Swift

390,000 EUR

138 SqM

The apartment of your dreams at an affordable price can be as rare as Snow on the Beach in Valencia. The frustration could turn you into some kind of Anti-Hero, cursing estate agents and all belong to them. Before you take the next step and start some Vigilante S***, stop and take a look at this property. This a duplex penthouse, not quite big enough to be a Labyrinth...

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