Valencia is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. A compact city of almost 1 million people Valencia has a stunning architectural mix of the old and modern. Valencia is a much cheaper and less tourist ridden version of Barcelona with the added advantage of better weather and it is also the greenest city in southern Europe thanks to an accident of history, the floods of the 1950's. Valencia property for sale is a melting pot of styles. The old fishermen's cottages in the Cabanyal, the ultra modern flats overlooking the city of arts and sciences and the beautiful facades of the Carmen old town, Ensanche and Ruzafa give an intoxicating mix of options when looking for apartments for sale in Valencia. Apartments for sale in Valencia City are varied and affordable and give you a great choice of places to live. Valencians love fireworks and Valencia is the loudest city in Europe apparently and glorifies in that status. Bear it in mind when buying a flat or apartment in Valencia. You will love your property for sale in Valencia city but not if you are living above the local party central
Properties Available : 83

Apartment for the Future in Russafa

225,000 EUR

84 SqM

Facebook and Instagram went down last week for a few hours and we all had a shocking glimpse of our dystopian future. A world where image counts for nothing, influencers can’t influence and twitter a***holes rule the world. So in your future, what is going to be important? You promised yourself that one day you’d move to a place that was less stressful and more enjoyable...

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Beachside apartment with a Caveat

110,000 EUR

76 SqM

A wise man once said , “You can’t always get what you want” and in much the same way as you can’t always have a good description and good photos, ahem, life is all about compromise and conformity. Every cloud has a silver lining, every rainbow has its rain and Yin and Yang will always level the playing field. I think that's called Zen AF. Anyhoo...

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Unphotogenic Patraix Apartment

140,000 EUR

123 SqM

When we list these places, you have to choose a cover photo. What image would best represent the apartment, what sums it up? It's often a view from the balcony, if its a villa there has to be a pool front and centre. But here, I'm struggling. This apartment is near Patraix metro station, only 4 stops from the center. Its like they gave a 6 year old the camera for the day. A lot of random shots of doorways...

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Great Apartment High above the City

125,000 EUR

85 SqM

This apartment is located just outside Russafa, in the En Corts area of the city. A not-as-glamourous neighbour of Russafa, it does benefit from proximity, and it is improving all the time. A new metro line next year for example. And we've said it before, if you are going to live in the middle of the action, or at least right next door, then you have to be able to get away from it all too. This apartment is on the eighth floor...

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Apartment with Huge Potential for those in the Know

115,000 EUR

96 SqM

An apartment with fantastic potential on Pigmalion Street beside the tram line and Marxelenes Park. Jose Melia Pigmalion was a Valencian journalist who spent his career popularising the importance of scientific knowledge. The anti-Tucker Carlson of his day. This apartment needs a complete renovation, but the location is really, really good. A quiet neighbourhood a couple of minutes walk to the tram stop to the beach...

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Apartment is a Mosaic of Class and Potential

665,000 EUR

226 SqM

Mosaic. Mosaic. Mosaic. One of those words that kind of loses its meaning if you repeat it. Well this place has been well mosaicked (its a word, look it up), all the floors are patterned in traditional tiles, so there's no mistaking you're in a Valencian flat. That, and the view out the window onto one of the main plazas of the city...

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Cute Apartments in Cabanyal

172,000 EUR

75 SqM

Check out this rather cute Duplex Apartment, or apartments, depending on your budget and requirements. Here we have 2 almost identical properties of Living room, Kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with pre installation for a 2nd bathroom/s if required, set on the 1st floor of a typical Cabanyal Townhouse close to the Marina, EDEM, (Entrepreneurs Business School) Tramvia and erm… the beach...

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Bargain Apartment with a catch

129,000 EUR

102 SqM

We see lots of properties, loads, heaps and piles, nice words those, very useful adjectives that bring to mind something else, A load of, a heap of, a pile of……… And its true, we try and filter as much as we can to save everyone's time but at certain budgets things fly off the shelves and sometimes there’s not a lot left when you are here on the ground...

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White Bright Apartment full of Light

199,999 EUR

80 SqM

Ode to an apartment on Avenida del Puerto (located conveniently close to the city centre...

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