Moncada is a municipality located in the comarca of Horta Nord in the Valencian Community, Spain. The town's name is officially written as Moncada, and it borders several other locations, including Alfara del Patriarca, Bétera, Foios, Museros, Náquera, and Valencia. The municipality has a rich history, with evidence of human occupation dating back to the early days of Romanization. The easiest way to reach Moncada is from Valencia through the CV-308, and the town has three stations of Metro Valencia, making it easily accessible.

This is important for students as the main campus of the CEU University is in Moncada where students can stdy many courses some of which are imparted in English such as Dentistry. Moncada has a lot of properties rented out to students therefore and is a much younger town than others nearby perhaps.

While Moncada has a rich history, it is important to note that the Spanish Inquisition also played a role in the region's past (I didn't expect that). The Inquisition was established in 1478 to combat heresy in Spain, but it also served to persecute Jews and Muslims. In 1502, the proscription of Islam was ordered in Granada, and the persecution of Muslims accelerated in 1507 when Jiménez was named grand inquisitor. Muslims in Valencia and Aragon were subjected to forced conversion or expulsion. Despite this dark history and perhaps even because of it, Moncada is still worth a visit.

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