Alcossebre lies in the Castellón region of the Valencian community about an hour and fifteen minutes to the North. It is a beach town that wealthy Valencians flock to in the summer but also has a healthy population in the winter of around 7000. The town is not fully overrun by development and therefore has an untouched feel despite the development it does have.

Alcossebre has ten kilometres of coastline with five high quality sandy beaches and an excellent selection of cafes, bars and restaurants. Alcossebre property ranges from apartments in low rise blocks to large villas on the hillside overlooking the town. It is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy stunning views of the coastline similar to the Costa Brava for its rugged outcrops. Alcossebre Property for sale ranges from inexpensive apartments all the way up to high end villas

You can get to Alcossebre from Valencia in around an hour and ten minutes by car, an hour and a half by train to the nearby station of Alcala de Chisvert followed by a taxi or bus or by coach.

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