Missed Opportunities and Good Buys

Sometimes a property just doesn't sell quickly for whatever reason. At times we expect something to move quickly and it doesn't and then we get that question that everyone asks about every property which makes no sense but it still gets asked: "How long has that property been on the market?"

It's a strange question because if you like the property and are potentially thinking of buying it then it doesn't matter (Except for if you think this will make a difference to the offer you can make and get away with). Today therefore on the blog we thought it time to look at some properties that have been for sale for a time but for whatever reason haven't yet sold but are great opportunities for whatever reason. We'll also speculate as to why they might not have sold because if that isn't an issue for you then these properties may suit you well, they are our favourite yet undiscovered places.

Now we realise that this article could become obsolete very quickly as these properties could sell tomorrow, next week or next month but currently these properties are available and they are hidden gems. Sometimes the reason they are still not sold is because there is just so much information on the web that things fall down the cracks, sometimes the photos don't give a good impression of the property and sometimes there's just no real explanation but we'll try to give one even so in this article so let's get onto some hidden gems that are great opportunities and definitely good buys.

Flour Power in Olocau 179k

Townhouses are often the things that get overlooked. People don't think of townhouses first when looking to buy property in Valencia but let me tell you a secret, many times townhouses are the best overlooked gems.

"Here is a chance for you to own a bit of local history dear readers. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona national park is the town of Olocau and it is here that you will find this glorious townhouse which originally functioned as the local bakery. You will find evidence of this inside where the owners remodelled while keeping some of the original features, including a brick oven tucked under the stairs.

While the oven is long retired, nixing any plans for a side earner flogging fancy focaccias that you perfected during Covid lockdown, this house does offer the possibility to roll in the dough as it currently operates as a Casa Rural and there is the option to continue as such. The hiking and cycling options on the doorstep are likely to keep you ticking over making a few quid on the side.

If you harbour dreams of one day running a small business in idyllic surroundings or retreating to the countryside and enjoying the peace and quiet yourself then this could well be the place for you."

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

We can only speculate on this point because there could be so many reasons but in this case we just think it's a lack of visits. Olocau is a gorgeous small village nestled into the Sierra Calderona mountains to the north west of Valencia. Around half an hour from the city it's a great location and as a centre for hiking, mountain biking and general rugged outdoor activities it's lovely. It has fast internet, good communications and as mentioned is a bit of a jewel to live in. For some people though the village might be too small, it may be just a little too far out from the city or work for those who can't work from home or the lack of public transport options may be an issue. Really though there's no reason that stands out as to why this hasn't sold. It just needs to be seen.

See Ya in Silla 349k

Sometimes a townhouse is more like a Palace and this is certainly one of those cases. Walk into opulence in this Palacete in Silla.

Silla is a town on the edge of Valencia city that has a lot going for it as some recent clients have found out. A 15-minute drive to Valencia, and you probably get there even quicker on the train that passes every 20 minutes and leaves you right in the city centre, we’ve overlooked this town for others to the north of the city but time to change that. And this is no sleeper town, there’s plenty activity and there’s even rumours of a craft beer super pub opening up shortly! *

I have been reliably informed that the name Silla comes from the arabica “Suhayla” meaning flat and not the Spanish word chair as some other people have postulated (by other people I mean me trying to sound knowledgeable to my clients), and this makes complete sense as it is on the edge of the Albufera with its rice fields and lagoon. The local delicacy is something called “All i Pebre” which is a dish whose main ingredient is eels plucked directly from the Albufera. And don’t make that face, it’s bloody delish.

Anyways, enough with the hard sell on Valencia’s best kept secret town, a little bit about this magnificent example of the townhouses typical out this way. Step through the front door and you could be stepping onto the set of some period drama. I strongly recommend you click on the link at the end of this description to view the walkthrough. 400+ square meters with a spacious interior garden and echoes of days gone by in every room. Did I mention that Silla is considerably cheaper than other towns considerably further out? All of this for less than €350k. With what you’ll have saved by buying out here you can go and buy your bodyweight in eels.

*Pure speculation on my part

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

This is an easy one. Maybe it's just too big for some people who have visited because everyone has loved it. The house is totally self contained but there are possibilities for making it even better with the undeveloped upper floor and maybe that's seen as too big a job. Remember though it doesn't need developing, you can totally leave it as it is.

The Perfect Base for Brunch 425k

Brunch is a bit of a misnomer isn't it, It's really breakfast for those of us who have the luxury of managing to sleep in late and avoiding the rat race in general, or it's a second morning meal for those of us who can't manage to get through to lunch because we don't eat breakfast really (I'm looking at you Valencians with your Almuerzo obsession) or it's a brilliant idea that some of us more inventive people made up to justify an extra meal to be eaten and enjoyed rather than just to wake us up, the strong black coffee at 7am brigade who call that breakfast are lying to themselves, that's not breakfast that's punishment.

This property though is perfect for brunch however you define it and we hope it's for those who have stepped out of the Rat Race and can allow themselves the luxury of lie-ins and a large island kitchen and dining table. if you don't fancy making it though you are just 100m away from Brunch Corner considered to be one of the best Brunch places in the city, or 100m the other way to the riverbed park to picnic brunch yourself to death.

Two large bedrooms, two full bathrooms one with a rather divine bathtub, an office and open plan living/dining room with kitchen and the aforementioned island, you get a lot for your money in this 130m2 plus centrally located apartment with light from front and back (meaning cross breezes too)
Superbly modernised while retaining aspects of the original build, beams have been reinforced, walls strengthened and spaces redefined as befits a building from the year 1900, this second floor walk up apartment is tastefully put together and superbly located both for central Valencia living and also the brilliant riverbed park nearby. Trust me, here you will neither want nor need a car and have real city living as a result.

Downsides? There's an empty plot next door (recently purchased) meaning you may get a new build going up sometime soon. You won't ever see a lift here but it's an easy enough walk up, essentially first floor despite being officially second. There's no garage for you car enthusiasts out there but spaces are available nearby. The road isn't pedestrianised so you get the odd taxi and resident car coming up it but no real traffic hum all day. A perfect place for city living and of course... brunch.

**You can see our virtual tour here

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

We haven't had any great explanations from those who have visited about anything that puts people off here but a couple of people have mentioned light. Yes, it's a first floor, maybe first and a half, and higher floors are lighter but there is a lot of light here despite it being a narrow road (No traffic) with buildings in front. Location is great so it's not that. Believe me and especially at the moment you don't want too much direct sunlight as higher floors often get really hot. This might still be available after the summer though as no visits are possible from mid July to September due to holidays and house swaps.

Fantastic Family Home on Huge Plot 460K

Valencia Property presents a beautiful house, a fantastic pool house overlooking an excellent pool and gardens, a separate build for guests and storage, a huge plot on a gated estate in the Valencian countryside but just 25 minutes from the city, 20 from the airport and 15 to plenty of choice in your international schools... What more could you ask for?

Well, more photos would be good and there's a reason for not having a full report with 360º photos and walk through video and that is that the house is full of... stuff. The owners run a business from here where they do house clearances and collect antiques before selling them on Instagram and other social media platforms to clients all over the world.

Let's just say that people abroad have very specific tastes. This is one of those houses that is better viewed as you get more of an idea of the size and the potential as well as the lovely gardens.

The basics though are excellent, the large main house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms a huge L shaped living room, an excellent covered Naya which essentially acts as a second sitting room (When not full of antiques) and a good sized kitchen.

The pool house can be open to the elements as it is in the summer or closed off like it is in the winter months to allow usage during the, let's say, cooler time of the year.

The extra building has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette with two other rooms currently used for storage but there are plans in place for a modernisation with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen.

The plot is huge, much larger than typical plots on urban land like this and has a manicured fruit garden to the front along with covered parking, and a patio whereas to the rear it is much more of a Mediterranean feel with pine trees and play areas for the kids.

The property can be found on the hugely popular Torres de Portacoeli gated estate between Betera and Olocau. With it's shops, cafes, restaurants and fantastic sports centre Torres de Portacoeli is always popular with families.

Why the sale? Well the business was hit hard by the Ukraine war as one of the owners is Ukrainian and that's where the majority of sales were made and the owners need to buy a separate storage facility for the antiques and a smaller house. This one has been used well over the last two years with plenty of refugees making it their initial home before being found somewhere semi permanent to stay long term.

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

Two reasons, all the stuff in the house meaning there's a lack of quality photos and secondly, and possibly as a result of the first reason, a lack of visits. The owners really need to sell to downsize now so they are interested in hearing offers. Make one. You won't find much better bang for your buck.

Villa With Large Pool and Garden 240k

This property is between Loriguilla and Riba-Roja, in the countryside but really only a few minutes’ drive from town, and 20 minutes from Valencia city. Also very close to Valencia airport. In fact, if you have guests coming in, you could wait until you see the plane has landed before popping out to pick them up.

And with three double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, there is plenty of room for guests. it also has a summer kitchen and a separate garage/outhouse, which both might be potential guesthouses with a bit of renovation. The house is on over 2500m2 of land, including a well-maintained lawn and a large swimming pool (11x8 metres), and a productive vegetable and fruit garden.

It is in very good condition and is ready to move into. If your idyllic life in Spain involves growing your own oranges and avocados in between doing lengths in your larger-than-most swimming pool, this is the property for you, call us

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

Maybe people don't like swimming any more, maybe it's too cheap as people are looking at villas in the plus 400k range normally. Or maybe it's the location making a car a necessity as nothing is walking distance away. Whatever it is, this is certainly an overlooked gem, so overlooked in fact that we had forgotten it was still available until we were asked about it last week. Once things get off the homepage they become less visible!

Large Calicanto Villa With Great Views 320k

You get a lot more for your money outside the more traditional areas of La Eliana, Betera and Rocafort as examples. Go just a few minutes further, in this case just past the golf course at El Bosque and up the hill so you get some great views, and you can find special properties like this one.

Large, imposing and at the same time inviting, this modernised property overlooking the valleys to the South of Calicanto offers you plenty of places to relax and enjoy yourself along with your extended family, friends or just your significant other half.

The gardens are easy maintenance with various areas for outside eating, drinking and being merry and there is a secluded pool area too. This place looks amazing in the Valencian sun.

Inside we go through a front door into an impressive hall with the living room to the left, a bedroom and bathroom to the right and a large, light kitchen diner further down the hall.

Upstairs there are four bedrooms and two more bathrooms. The main bedroom has an en-suite and a perfect outside terrace with views over the orange fields of inland Valencia.

The photos speak for themselves but why the sale? Downsizing. The family has flown the nest and this is a huge house. Perfect for you in fact if you are looking in this price range.

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

Well, it was furnished as seen in the photos, then it wasn't, then it was half furnished, then it wasn't, and the garage was full of junk so it looked chaotic. Then it was sold but there were issues with the paperwork for the buyer, then the pool went green, then there were two cash buyers competing from another agency but it turns out they weren't cash buyers just time wasters because the agency lied... You get the idea. Just a run of bad luck. Meaning this is an underpriced gem awaiting discovery.

No Panic At The Disco Villa 1.4m

This luxury villa is in an urbanisation in L'Eliana, just outside Valencia city. Conveniently located for the international schools nearby, and easy access to the city and the airport.

So what makes a luxury villa? Space of course. This is enormous, 850m2, lots of living space over 2 floors and a basement, 6 bedrooms, large mature gardens and a swimming pool. In the basement there is a games room and even a disco area with a professional music system installed.

Also quality of materials. Wooden finishes and top quality porcelain tiling, and the most modern of appliances and decoration throughout. Whoever lived here didn't spend their Saturday afternoons wandering around IKEA.

So space, quality and finally privacy. A garage with space for 7 cars, an armored security door, home automation and interior and exterior surveillance so you can crank the music in your illegal social gathering of more than 10 people without worry or fear of any interference. Pandemic, what pandemic?

Is having a disco in your home really cool or really sad? Maybe you'd have to try it to find out. This villa is also available to rent fully furnished from €6000 per month but only for a year, not for your weekend disco party.

Why Hasn't It Sold Yet?

Price innit! Not many buyers at this price in the area and some of those looking around this price don't want a disco!

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Property of the Week

As if we didn't give you enough options above. If you want another though take a look at this!

A house that is finished and a garden that you can design completely as you like.

A good spot in Calicanto, where you can be in the centre of Valencia in just half an hour's drive, at the airport in 15 minutes and in the area itself you have supermarkets, bars, restaurants, a pharmacy and the International Levante school.

The house is spacious, has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, terraces and a spacious garage that fits two cars. For example, your summer car with air conditioning and your winter car a cabriolet but make sure to buy your hat for that one. Room enough in this house to live pleasantly with a family or start some kind of commune. We'll leave that up to you.

The land is also spacious altxhough relatively bare, namely more than 1,100m2, but it still needs a landscape gardener to get the best out of it. It could also be a dream scenario for the real garden lover. You can decide all by yourself where to put that palm tree, where to plant your vegetable garden, where to put that colourful bouganvillea (Against the south facing wall is the answer apparently and that's all I know about gardening), where to put the terrace to have a drink in the shade at the end of the day, where to place your outdoor kitchen, etc.

This might be your start of your Spanish life.

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