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The Best Place to Buy in Valencia For Your Budget
27th November 2023

The Best Place to Buy in Valencia For Your Budget

One of the questions that we are always asked is where is the best place to buy a property in Valencia? This is true for those wanting a city apartment or a property in the suburbs and as always our answer is "Well, it depends". And the two big deciding factors in this are "What is Your Budget? and "What are you looking for?" Because while it may be true that the most popular areas of Valencia include Ruzafa, Ensanche and the Cabanyal it's also true that prices are higher there than in other areas so your budget may not allow you to buy there depending on your requirements. Outside the city the same is true, the best known towns such as L'Eliana, Ribarroja, Betera and the like are often outside the budgets of many people so what we try to find for people are other suitable and excellent options.

8th March 2011

What Do You Want In A Valencia Property

Over the last few weeks I have been showing lots of Valencia Property to clients and getting a variety of reactions. Some people want a key ready property where no work is needed at all. Some want a place that needs a bit of work and some even want a place where you need to do everything. However this is all to be expected. Everyone has different requirements of course.

Utility Costs On Your Valencia Property
6th June 2022

Utility Costs On Your Valencia Property

We have been asked to provide more information about what utilities are common when you buy Valencia Property and what the costs are typically of those utilities. Typically you will buy a house or apartment in Valencia which is supplied with water, electricity and perhaps gas. You may also include in the list of utilities internet, telephone and even home security so in this post we are going to look at those costs too because even if they are not supplied you may want to know more about the costs involved in those. Equally we also look into the change of ownership and the council taxes. In other words, yes, this will be a boring but necessary post.

30th November 2012

190000 Euros in the City or the Country?

I have had two really good deals passed onto me in the last couple of weeks but they are chalk and cheese as to what your money will get you. So the question is do you want a large city apartment overlooking a church or a huge country house overlooking rolling orange groves. It's a really difficult choice for most people who are not clear on their requirements but for those with a laser targetted focus there is really no choice. If you want a city pad then that is what you want and if you want lots of outside space and a pool then a city pad is not an option.

10th May 2010

Our New Video Channel: Valencia Property TV

For a few years now I have held the domain I thought it was about time to do something with it. Therefore I have placed many of our You Tube videos on there so that you can browse through some of the videos we have on offer. The site can be searched by category and includes videos on Culture in Spain, Attics for sale in Spain, Spanish Villas, Lifestyle in Spain, the all important working in Spain and much more.

24th April 2014

Potential Bad News on Valencia Property Tax - Forewarned is Forearmed

In October last year the Valencian government in its infinite wisdom (ie none) decided to raise purchase taxes on second hand property from 8% to 10%, immediately putting themselves at a disadvantage with other communities in Spain (Madrid dropped theirs to 6% in January for example). It was a stupid move that I described in depth on this blog post

23rd March 2011

Win A Copy of the Work in Spain Book By Looking at Twitter

Almost two years ago in June 2009 I wrote a post that was featured on This is Spain about Twitter users in Spain. It is interesting to see what has happened in the meantime to those featured back then. Many of the users from then now no longer use the service or have moved on into different accounts. Many continue using Twitter strongly, including the number one and two on the list below ;-).

13th May 2014

10 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day In Spain

On my personal site we recently posted a blog about ten things you should be doing every day in Spain. You can see it at the link. However we have also recorded it using Auphonic, loaded it onto our Soundcloud page and placed it into Youtube too. You can also listen to it below. So if you prefer listening to reading then take a listen below and take to heart the ten things you should be doing every day in Spain.

30th November 2009

New Spanish Property Market Monthly Newsletter

I have put together the first in a series of newsletters about Valencia and Spanish Property. It is a four page PDF which is available on a monthly basis. The first one is here to download but future issues will be sent out first to mailing list subscribers because they will be full of the latest news and properties that will make you go mmmm!!!

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