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14th June 2011

Almost 300 Videos on the Valencia Property YouTube Channel

There are actually 299 videos currently on the Valencia Property YouTube Channel. I am looking for some suggestions for what to do with number 300 because it represents a bit of a milestone. What I thought I would do today here is embed a few to show what type of videos go up there and if you like you can then get over to the Valencia Property YouTube channel and subscribe to the feed so you see them as soon as they come out.

13th November 2012

Valencia Property Featured in Smart Planet Yesterday

I thought you might like to read a wide ranging interview about the Spanish Property Market that was published yesterday in Smart Planet. The writer Jennifer Riggins is the Madrid based correspondent for the Smart Planet website and she grilled me for around an hour about the Spanish property market and the Spanish Property Magazine.

Choosing A Lawyer For Your Valencia Property Purchase
18th November 2019

Choosing A Lawyer For Your Valencia Property Purchase

Let's start by saying something that may surprise you, there are a lot of lawyers in Valencia. For a country that is not really litigious like Spain that is a bit of a surprise but when you walk around most central areas of Valencia you will see plaques and signs by the doors for each apartment building and they will inevitably include a lawyer in one of the flats and possibly quite a few.

The Eclectic Nature of the Valencia Property Market
29th May 2023

The Eclectic Nature of the Valencia Property Market

One of the things we love about working in the Valencia Property market is that our job is never the same from one day to the next. We get a wide variety of clients from all over the World looking at a wide range of prices and a vast array of different styles of property. This means that every day is different as we have discussed on the podcast which you can hear here. The thing that drew me towards writing about this was when I looked at the homepage the other day and the properties we had there and then compared that to a UK based site as I am currently helping my dad to sell his property in the UK and to search for another one. Sometimes you can get absolutely sick and tired of looking at bricks and there is nothing else apart from bricks and mortar in the UK market. How can you write something interesting about something that has few redeeming features? I guess thtis is why property descriptions in the UK are so bland and vanilla.

17th December 2009

More on Segmentation in The Spanish Property Market

The Spanish property market is starting to recover well after the last two years of constant falling prices and lack of bank lending. Now the banks are loosening up lending for those who have some money to put down as a deposit and on their own repossessed stock they are looking to finance at 100% where possible.

7th May 2011

My Thoughts On The Spanish Property Roadshow

Spain is trying to ofload the estimated 700,000 empty, completed properties, mostly on the coast, by taking a roadshow around Europe starting this week in the UK. They are trumpeting the price falls which seems a strange way to promote it.

The Top Spanish Property Scams And How To Avoid Them
24th April 2023

The Top Spanish Property Scams And How To Avoid Them

Every now and again we see an online listing that is so outrageously fake that we have to take a step back and admire the audacity of it and also wonder how anyone might actually fall for it. We wrote an article last year about one of these scams and today we are going to arm you against all of the scams we have knowledge of so you don't become a victim. Just a little warning first though. Not all listings that seem fake or iffy are. Sometimes there are reasons for the too good to be true listing. One of our jobs here at Valencia Property is to find those pearls in the shell while not tripping up against the more obvious scams. So let's get down into the jungle and find out what scams are out there waiting for the unsuspecting Spanish property buyer.

20th June 2011

Feeling Awkward in Spain? Taking Photos and Videos

Today we have a guest post from Morten who writes for Javea Amigos. He has published this on Expat Forum but he said that we could use it as I thought that my readers might like it a lot. I did. It gets you thinking about different attitudes to life. I have also aded a photo here taken at my daughter's concert last week. It is like a Canon convention, so different to the attitudes prevalent in many schools in the UK. Anyway, read on about Morten's toe curling awkwardness! (Oh and you must read about bull football!)

5th July 2010

Spanish Casa Rural For Sale in Gatova Near Valencia

Sometimes you get an opportunity to buy something that is just a bit different. Something that is a bit out of the ordinary and could work very well for you as a home and also a business. Today is one of those times. This house for sale in Spain is really four individual three bedroomed houses in one. It is the little village of Gatova 11km up the road from Olocau in the mountains of the Sierra Calderona National Park

26th April 2013

Why would you want to live by the beach in Valencia?

There are many reasons of course for wanting to live by the beach in Valencia you are living in a big city you have an excellent Beach on your doorstep you have a brilliant climate although it is raining today the connection with the city is excellent via the tram, the bikes you can hire and the buses the area has a life of its own There is one huge attraction right now though. The prices.

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