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Every year we get to the summer and the same thing happens, we close and people ask why. We have written on these pages about why you can't see properties at the weekend and we have mentioned what happens in the summer at length in the past. Today though it's time to let you know what happens in August and why we are mostly closed in the middle of summer.

Of course we are not totally closed, a couple of us will be around dealing with things that come up, doing the background work on sales that will be signed in September etc.. and while we are away the company still runs remotely, I myself run the company from a laptop and can do a lot of that work from anywhere, but Spain and Valencia mostly close in August and here's why.

It's Hot

Let's get the obvious one out of the way first shall we. It's hot in August, ice cream meltingly, sweat inducingly hot in the sun meaning we go to the shady side of the street when we are walking through the city. Getting those 10,000 steps in is done early morning or after dark or in the air conditioned sanctuary of the gym in general.

Notaries Are Closed

When we get to the last point of a purchase, the final signing at the notary, we require the notary to be there to sign off the sale and notaries mostly close in August. By law there are a few that remain open but they aren't those that we usually work with when preparing all of the paperwork and they don't tend to be the ones that can speak English meaning things are a bit smoother during the year but a bit rocky in August.

Lawyers Are Away

And if the notaries are away then the lawyers also disappear in August because they too need a rest and they realise it's difficult to get things done in August. Some lawyers stay around but again they tend to be those who don't speak English and are not specialists in property and immigration law. Equally some lawyers are around who we wouldn't recommend to anybody.

Only last week we heard of someone who was buying a property having to cancel and rearrange their travel plans etc.. just a few hours before purchase because the lawyer had got the numbers wrong on the bank drafts which the buyer had collected the day before. They found out an hour before the purchase. This now requires them to change the drafts and will probably mean an extra cost at the bank and for changes of flights etc... all because the lawyer is effectively useless and just doesn't check things correctly.

Owners are Away

You don't get as much choice in properties in the summer whatever those agents who decide to work in August tell you and this is because many owners go away for the month taking their keys with them and don't give agents access to the property while they are away. Around half of the already limited available stock is not available in the summer because the owners are away or the agents are away. You can make as many calls as you like but you won't get the same number of visits, or therefore choice, in the summer as you will in the rest of the year.

So to sum up the last three points, everyone is away!


Valencia like the rest of Spain is a hub for tourism in the summer and the city fills up with cruise ship visits and tourists from all over the World. Now the truth is it's not as bad as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, the Costas and the more famous places around Europe and the World but it is an issue when trying to get things done in the heat. You might want to avoid looking like a tourist in Valencia and here are the tips to do so.

Avoid Looking Like A Tourist in Valencia

We Need a Break

We work hard for our clients and doing what we do is not a simple 9-5 job. We all arrange our own timetables but this can mean that we start work early in the morning and finish late at night if we are talking with people in Asia to start the day and on the west coast of the States later on for example. The summer especially can be challenging to organise timings for visits as many people want to do them in the late afternoon and evening as well as first thing in the morning in order to avoid the hottest parts of the day when they may be busy or even having a siesta.

Being an agent here is not an easy job. We have talked about a typical day in the life of an agent here. There is so much to think about and do and making those appointments is the most time consuming thing.

The Pool is Calling Us

The pool or more often the Mediterranean, that big pool on our doorstep, is calling us. One of the reasons many people cite as a must have in their house search is access to a pool and these things come into their own in the summer of course but most especially in August. Cooling down in the pool or sea is an important part of life here and time has to be taken out to enjoy one of the features of living in Valencia.

Chringuitos Exist

Chiringuitos, beach bars, exist and because they exist during the summer it's best to take advantage of them and August is the perfect time to do that. Shaded beach bars with the sea breeze cooling you down while you enjoy a beer, smoothie or whatever your favourite tipple may be is of paramount importance. Chringuitos don't open all year round so making sure they are enjoyed in August is essential.

Family Time

Despite being estate agents we also have families and deserve some family time. We arrive home and the family ask who is this person looking frazzled especially in the summer so reconnecting with the family at this time is an important step. Nobody is here in the summer as mentioned above so... if you can't beat them, join them. Go to the same places that the lawyers and notaries are, in other words on holiday.


We aren't saying you cannot come and finds your property to purchase in the summer in Valencia, it's still possible, however you are making it a lot more difficult for yourself. What we are saying is that you will probably be doing it with limited help. We are half closed from the 26th of July onwards and fully closed from the 1st-31st of August this year (With a few small exceptions) If you can only be here on those dates then let us know soon and we will see if it will be possible for our skeleton staff to arrange something for you.

The Best Laid Plans - A Cautionary Tale

We received a mail last week from someone who was totally sick of looking for property in Valencia. I don't need to say anything but lay out their frustrations below after they listened to one of our latest podcasts.

"We started looking just as COVID hit then started again 2 years ago . 

Not sure if our experience is relevant to your listeners but we feel thoroughly duped!

Property 1 - offer accepted . Turns out to be a "local" (Essentially a shop) with no residential permission. Estate agent said just pay the arras, it will be easy, change of use coming soon. That house still doesn’t have change of use and is still on the market waiting for some unsuspecting person!

2nd property- offer accepted . We decided to use our fantastic lawyer (by the way based in Malaga* and not able to be in kahoots with estate agents who just wants to have a chat with your lawyer to explain ..oh and also asks for half in cash and to alter the sale price for tax reasons) Turns out they just want us to pay the arras as they can’t sell until their mortgage comes up for renewal in 6 months …our lawyer advises against it.

*We don't recommend this as Malaga lawyers are not up to date on issues in the Valencia Property market despite this person's good experience with them

3rd property - offer accepted - not told it was a divorcing couple - not in agreement - one party refuses to sign - they are still in court. Estate agent tries to get us to pay arras our lawyer says no. It’s still ongoing .

4th property - offer accepted on a property sold with possibility of also buying the garage. We didn’t want the garage. Guess what? Despite it being advertised without the garage , they couldn’t actually separate it .Of course the Estate Agent had said that it would be easy , no problem etc!

In short I am completely fed up of dishonest Spanish agents who seem to say anything to get there hands on the deposit and their commission.

My advice is make sure you have a very good lawyer!

Anyway , I’m going to have a break and a rethink as I am fed up with the market in Valencia . I’m so sad about it but we have had such a hard time.

I love your honest approach it’s refreshing. If you feel you can help us in the future get in touch."

Our answer of course was as follows

"Sorry to hear you have had such bad luck and a good lawyer (based in the city you intend to buy in) is indeed important. More important is that if you had contacted us when you were coming over I could have saved you all of these headaches in the first place! 

If you feel like beginning afresh at any stage just get in touch ok?"

This is why a buyers' agent is so important in this market. Those agents desperately trying to get a deposit out of you above are not working for you as a buyer. They represent the seller and will do whatever to get you to hand over your deposit in a contract and get you locked into the purchase. We are your buyers' agent in Valencia and as my colleague stated in the reply, if you had contacted us to start off with you would have avoided these issues. Equally your lawyer would have had a much easier job and you wouldn't have paid them potentially four times! Read our article about what we do we are your buyers agent in Valencia.

Property of the Week

The promise of living in Spain. Hanging around in your hammock while waiting for the barbecue to finish with a glass in your hand and a copy of the Four Hour Workweek in the other thinking "This is the life" and wondering why everybody else doesn't do it. Well, there's one reason, you don't get many terraces as good as this to enjoy this life and in your home country the weather/lifestyle/cost are prohibitive and people look down on "laziness" But this isn't laziness, this is lifestyle design. Buying what allows you to act out that lifestyle at a price you cannot find elsewhere.

There's a little downside, it's not central Valencia, that would cost you double for this, it's in the north part of the city in Torrefiel but it's a good area with excellent facilities all around you to get your supplies for your very own personal lifestyle design. It'll take you 20 minutes walking crossing the riverbed park to be in the Old Town or just 7 minutes on a bike, Valencia isn't very big, and you have public transport routes all around you.

So what do you get? 160m2 in total over two floors on the sixth floor with lift. Three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, one en-suite of course with a large bathtub, excellent living room with dining area, large kitchen and the cherry on the top of the cake, a huge terrace.

It's a modern building so no reform needed and the furniture is not included so you get to put your own finishing touches to this excellent Valencia Property.

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