Choosing A Lawyer For Your Valencia Property Purchase

Let's start by saying something that may surprise you, there are a lot of lawyers in Valencia. For a country that is not really litigious like Spain that is a bit of a surprise but when you walk around most central areas of Valencia you will see plaques and signs by the doors for each apartment building and they will inevitably include a lawyer in one of the flats and possibly quite a few.

Don't just walk into the first you see though. There are quite a few things that you should know though before choosing your lawyer.

Choosing a Lawyer for your Valencia Property Purchase
Choosing a Lawyer for Your Valencia Property Purchase

The most important of these is that not many of them specialise in property purchase, they may dabble, and even worse, a lot of them know next to nothing about the process for residency for non EU nationals and many of you reading this may come into that category. They may actually know very little about the process for EU nationals either. They may specialise in contract law, divorce proceedings, exports, or a whole host of other legal minefields. You don't need them, you need a specialist property lawyer.

Choosing the wrong lawyer for the process of purchase and residency can be a very expensive mistake.

What to expect from our recommended lawyers in Valencia.

If there is one rule above all in choosing lawyers in Spain, it is this: never use the lawyer suggested by a developer or the agent that represents the seller. Then, there is a second rule of course, always use a lawyer who speaks your language or a language you can both understand.

Here at Valencia Property we have another rule, we only use lawyers who we highly recommend, who know the process for getting residency (if required) inside out and who can speak to you in a language you can understand.

Wherever you are thinking of buying your Valencia Property or properties, we have lawyers to represent you, and they are good. They understand our demand for a high level of service and customer satisfaction. It’s that simple. They give a high standard of work because we expect it and they know that any faults will mean we will move on as we have a list of approved lawyers that only work with us on personal recommendation.

What does your Valencia Property Lawyer need to know?

1) An essential knowledge of the local property market where you are purchasing your Valencia Property

2) The steps needed for applying for your Spanish Residency whether you are an EU resident, a non EU resident or somebody affected by the Brexit disaster and in a bit of limbo as to which group you may eventually belong to.

3) All of the tricks and contacts that are needed for speeding up the process including the ability and desire to sign powers of attorney for you, to avoid you having to queue, a queue jumping service for NIE Application (We did one in two days last week) and a faster residency application process.

4) The fact that personal service is essential for our clients and that is all included in their price you pay them. They don't ignore your calls and they don't charge for each call. They charge for a service package and within that package you can ask them any relevant questions.

5) That sometimes there is a lot of work required after the purchase for preparation of the Spanish Residency Visa for you and your family and that they are willing to put in that extra work for our clients because we have a lot of clients.

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Lawyers in Spain are noted for their inability to pass information onto the client. If you don’t ask the question then the lawyers don’t tend to volunteer information. Our lawyers are different; personable, approachable and professional. We know you will enjoy working with them which is something you don't hear very often when talking about lawyers.

We work with various lawyers depending on the requirements of the client. If the most important aspect is speed and efficiency of the NIE application and residency process we have a preferred lawyer for this, if you are a Dutch speaking client we have a preferred lawyer there, if you are French speaking we have a preferred lawyer. If you are going for the process of the Golden Visa we have a preferred lawyer for that and so on and so forth.

Every client is different and our recommendations depend on your circumstances so if you are looking for a reliable lawyer in Valencia contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who will suit your requirements. Even for those people who are not buying through Valencia Property you may need independent advice (In fact this will be even more true when using other agents in the city). A mistake can be very costly and many lawyers are not in the business to protect you as a buyer.

Finding your Ideal Valencia Property Lawyer is just one of the ways we make the process of purchasing property in Valencia smoother for you. Click on the images below to find out what other ways we can save you money on your purchase and make sure it is totally without risk.

And finally, if you know somebody thinking of purchasing property in Valencia then share this article with them. You may be doing them a huge favour!

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