Goodbye New World. Here's to a New Beginning

This is a blog post specifically for our North American bretheren lying below that long line separating them from Canada and above the still unbuilt wall. As the UK looks like it is finally going to come out of 14 years of chaos, instability and general incompetence (Not to mention corruption, craven greed and an ongoing drama for the heart and soul (sic) of the Conservative party) It looks like America decided that just four years of that type of sh*t wasn't enough and they are looking to have some more country destroying division. Nice

I'm writing this in the hours and days after the USA woke up after THAT debate with a small but growing deluge of mails and messages telling us that the decision is now made and that the move which people have been waiting on is being brought forward by a few months and they want to get into Spain and Valencia now.

When your choice of "leader" is between a pussy grabbing, porn star humping, tax avoiding convicted felon who just happens to be Orange (but not Valencia Orange thank goodness) or your ex-favourite grandpa who might have been doing a decent job but can't string a single sentence together that starts and finishes with the same subject matter then it might just be that your democracy is in a bit of trouble.

We have had plenty of people contacting us for a couple of years now telling us that if the Orange Felon looks like he is going to get in again then they are definitely on their way to Valencia and just this week I had three initial client meetings with people from different parts of the good old US of A all looking to move here permanently, I have another one this morning when this is released.

Of course, coming back to the Old World from the New World as that New World turns back time and becomes more insular, regressive and authoritarian, (check out John Oliver on Trump's second term and Project 2025 if you want to know how) is a big step for a family but we have been asking some of our North American clients in the last week or so who have already made the move some questions about how their life is different or better here. Not one has said it was worse... yet. I'm sure someone eventually will say it's worse but I've only been here 20 odd years...

Now I'm not going to go through the list as we have done that before but the major players in their better life here are safety, cost of living and enjoyment. Although not being surrounded by Maga nutjobs was high on the list too.

The cost of living thing is interesting though. That feeling of no longer being in the rat race endlessly trying to keep up with the Joneses and the spiralling cost of everything is a major relief for all of our clients. As one said to me a few days ago, they still can't get used to not going to the cashier with tredpidation after visiting the doctor, they pay what they pay for health insurance here and that's it. No payments for appointments, no co-pay of the first 10k of any treatment, no worrying about getting a treatment or having to start a GoFundMe because of what the cost of it may be, no worries about being thrown off your policy because you are no longer a money maker but a money taker by having the gall to be ill. And how much does this particular person pay for that private full health insurance? 230 Euros per month for a couple in their fifties. You can get your quote here.

And what about those of you worrying about your tax bill when you get to Spain? Well, we have also written about that in the past and the advice still stands true. One day a year you pay your tax bill and it may well be painful depending on your level of wealth. For most it isn't. However, for 364 days a year everything is cheaper, you and your family feel safer while knowing that each day may bring forth a new adventure and you don't have to worry about that illness that may lie in your future as being something that will bankrupt you.

If you need to know more then take a look at our article about the top ten tips for Americans coming to live in Valencia and Spain. You may find some surprises, chief among them being that there are not just ten!


Well, the Supreme Court of the United States, from hereonin SCOTUS, have really put the cat amongst the pigeons today. After reversing Roe vs Wade, the Chevron debacle last week and the judgement that you can be imprisoned now for... checks notes... being homeless!!! it decided today that one man is above the law and that man is the Orange Felon (Or anyone else in power as President) As Nixon said back in the 70s if the President does it then it's legal, well now it is. So extra-judicial killings of political opponents, imprisoning opponents or protestors, embezzlement, paying porn stars off etc... you can now get immunity for if you are/were President and you can claim it was an official duty.

Now in my opinion Biden should sack all 6 Supreme Court judges now and replace them with six others and reverse this ruling because he now can and he will be immune from prosecution. At the same time he should give an Executive Order to ban convicted felons from running for the office of President, because he can. Far be it from me to suggest that a drone strike on Mar-a-Lago comes within the president's remit now as others have suggested online ;) but he could if he wanted to. .

If the debate wasn't enough, if everything else wasn't enough, then effectively being able to elect a King who can act with impunity might be the last straw for you. Enjoy!

New Listings

We even made a new listing based on THAT debate. It's not for an actual house, it's more of a concept piece after watching some of that horror show because surely nobody watched the whole thing right?

"I read the news today, oh boy……….

Hello! How's things? We heard you might be thinking of joining us soon, so tell us what you want and when you’ll be here and we’ll do the rest, properties come and go and things on these pages might not be available by the time you arrive but don’t worry, we’ve got your back and are here to advise you on all things Spain, Golden Visas, Valencia, and much much much more…..

Yes we can, so why don’t you?"

If you are doubting anything about the move just look at that image above and make the jump. But we are not going to call that our property of the week. It will just be our theme for the rest of the year.

Jon Stewart sums it up quite eloquently here I think. Should both candidates be using performance enhancing drugs?

Property of the Week

The world is an uncertain place. Things are falling apart, and the centre cannot hold. Later tonight in fact, we have the first US presidential debate. Who will you side with? The wannabe war criminal, or the actual criminal? And as a warmer up, we’ve already had a British election debate. I turned it on for 5 minutes at half time in the football and my daughter asked ‘why are we watching this really boring quiz show’. Bless her, I’ll tell her to give her EU passport an extra special squeeze goodnight as she goes to bed later.

So amid this unrelenting stream of partisan bullshit, isn’t it nice to know there is a place where you can escape all this. Where a real debate involves arguing about the pros and cons of onions in a tortilla, and the most extreme position you could take at a family get-together is to suggest that VAR is good for football.

In fact I’m sure you do know this, that’s why you’re looking at our Valencia Property website. And in particular, at this apartment. In a good part of town, it’s modern, bigger than most, and for a change recently, the price doesn’t make you wince. In fact unlike most things and people in the news today, it sounds reasonable. A real no worries property, just buy it, move in, and start concerning yourself with what’s really important in life - is chorizo in paella really such a bad idea?

I’m sorry, I’ve gone too far there, but if facts do actually matter to you, and you will listen to the opinion of someone with some expertise - in real estate if not paella making - then believe me when I say this is a great apartment. Whatever about the world, there can be certainty about that. Contact us now

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