The First Step to Buying Property in Valencia Updated

Two and a half years ago we wrote the most useful post ever on the blog (From our point of view definitely and from what our clients say quite often from theirs). It was a post about letting us know exactly what you are looking for when you are moving to Valencia, the first step to buying property in Valencia. It was the most useful because it got clients thinking about exactly what they wanted on buying here and it allowed us to have an excellent communication tool for our team actually written down. The majority of our sales come through this channel as the first point of communication with the second being the individual property enquiries from the main Valencia Property site and the third being the Valencia Property Podcast (more on that later)

The form also gave us somewhere to send you once you have had a consultation call with one of our team to take that next step and meant we didn't have to remember all of those details in internal communications. It gave a written record of the enquiry and a more accurate answer to the question "What are you looking for exactly?"

Some people have been asking recently whether the article and form are still up to date and the answer is yes, possibly more than ever as we need to get granular to find the right properties for people in a restricted market. So today we are going to add a few thoughts on taking that first step below. However, just to let you know that it is still up to date the form can be found here too and you can fill it in with your details to start your Valencia Property journey by taking your first step like so many others have done already.

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Use this part to give any special requirements you have, dates you are looking to arrive in Valencia, whether the property is for living or investment etc...
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Your "Must Haves"

In the original article we talked about many aspects of what is often included in the "must haves" such as elevator, fast internet connection, numbers of bedrooms, size etc... one of the things we didn't really emphasize is location. The reason for this is that most people who contact may have an idea about Valencia as a destination but don't really know the ins and outs of locations within the city itself or even the suburbs. Because of this we have written a few guides to the districts of Valencia, the link goes to part 4 as all of the first 3 parts are linked from within the post, and also to the suburbs of Valencia. However, if you are not really intimately acquianted with the city then there are so many areas that may suit you that asking you to drill down into pinpointing just one of them is best left to when you are here on the ground and actually searching for a property with us.

Another thing that we didn't really go into is the huge difference between buying for yourself and buying for investment purposes or to complement the Golden Visa. As we have said before everything rents currently so if you are buying for renting purposes then by definition there should be fewer "must haves" and more "would likes".

Finally, we also didn't emphasize in the "must haves" whether you want a property that is ready to go or a doer-upper. This is because most people imagine the perfect property is out there waiting for them and don't have in mind getting a doer-upper. The truth hits on arrival that doer-uppers are usually the best value and we can get those things that need doing done for you. Simples.

Your "Would Likes"

As mentioned in the original post, there should always be more "would likes" than "must haves" in a property search. "Must haves" restrict your selection whereas "would likes" amplify it. As an example if your "must have" list included for example the property being a top floor penthouse with a good sized terrace at the 200-300k price point with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms then your selection would be currently just 9 properties in Valencia according to Idealista. If however you were to change the requirements to the second bathroom being a "Would Like" then your selection goes up to 25, still not a huge number but better. And not everyone requires an en-suite bathroom.

"Would likes" are good things to have and there should be a lot of them in order to help whittle down the search from everything to something that will suit, but a list of 20-30 "would likes" might mean that we can't get to that magical 80% of those things being included. Obviously there should be a lot more "Would likes" than "Deal breakers" if you want to find something that suits.

Your "Deal Breakers"

As we wrote in the original post there are various common factors in the "deal breakers" such as upper floors without lifts, caves without much light, lack of privacy and noise (But you should read our article here about those little annoyances that you may find in Spain, noise might be a factor in living anywhere) You however may have a specific "deal breaker" that we don't include.

You may be allergic to lifts and therefore want a lower floor even if the building has one, you may hate open plan kitchens or you may dislike terraces due to an irrational fear of heights (All recent highlights put into our form and the word "irrational" was used by the client not us) But... if you hate lifts, open plan kitchens and have an irrational fear of heights or terraces then you reduce the numbers of apartments massively. In fact if you have a fear of terraces and you want a penthouse I don't know what we can do for you. Most people have one or two "deal breakers". Ten "deal breakers" would make the search difficult.

The More Information the Better

We are not saying we need your life story but the more information you give us in the "Anything to add?" box the better we can help you. Let us know about what you will be using the property for, your situation in life regarding work, retirement or ambition, and make sure to be clear about your budget and maximum price.

This doesn't mean we are going to only show you properties at that maximum price, if we can find properties that meet your requirements well within your budget then we are both happy, us with a job well done and you with a bargain that suits you with money to spare. We'll never understand agents that brag about having the most expensive property in Valencia on their books. Our reaction to that is generally...

So what? (Or as we said when I was a kid "Big wow!")

It's overpriced and you'll never sell it. If you want to waste your time promoting it you'll just make me as a buyer not really interested in your services because you don't care about value unlike me and probably unlike you our lovely discerning reader. (if you ask me nicely I'll let you know who is advertising a penthouse in Valencia at 8.6m Euros and send you a link because I'm pretty sure it will always still be for sale at least until the owner gets bored of no visits except for instagrammers scamming their followers by saying they live in it on their story ;-))


If this way of working seems like a good fit for you then contact us by filling in the form above and we can arrange a chat to discuss your requirements. We will set up a call with one of our team and take it from there. And don't worry if your eventual visit is still some time away, we work better with people a long time before they come over as it gives us both more time to get everything in its right place. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Valencia Property Podcast Season 2, Episode 20

Now, as mentioned above, our latest podcast was released on Saturday evening and you can listen to it below. In it we talk about the last two months of these blog posts and what we have brought you along with some highlights and we have the second part of our three part series about the Spanish financial crisis where we talk about the crisis and its aftermath from 2008 to around 2014. We'll bring you up to date from then until now in the final episode next month. For now though have a listen and go to our podcast homepage and bookmark it for future reference.

Property of the Week

What a place this is!

An acre of land, a house you can move right into, but above all the absolute silence and the view of the nunnery and castle of Serra. You can almost imagine the knights galloping over the mountain top with their horses to protect their lord of the castle in days gone by. (or if you take a more Shakespearian view of what a nunnery is then the Knights might still have been rushing over there)

All you hear here are the birds and the pop of the cork from the bottle of cava you open to celebrate that you bought this house.

A house that has been completely refurbished on the main floor and consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living-dining room, kitchen and laundry room. On the lower floor you will find a room where you can make a perfect office or lounge area, a summer kitchen and a spacious guest room with bathroom en suite.

Around the house you will find several terraces, a spacious pool, a place to plant a vegetable garden and lots of private land. Perfect for spending time with family or friends.

The house is a 5-minute drive to Naquera or Serra and a good 30 minutes' drive from Valencia. This gives you the best of both worlds. Peace and quiet but also liveliness if you feel like it. Would you like to quickly enjoy peace, sun and quiet without much hassle? Then don't hesitate and plan a visit soon. The pictures really tell the whole story here, well worth a visit

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