Your Agent Is Not Your Enemy

I was encouraged to write this article as a result of a few interactions recently by our agents. In the body of the article I will detail what happened and how this makes it more difficult for us, and indeed you, to find your ideal Valencia Property. Firstly though let's lay out the ground rules for this post.

The vast majority of people looking to buy Valencia Property work hand in hand with us, sharing interesting properties, their thoughts on each property they see and they give us their wishlist, allowing us to trim down potential properties that will suit their needs so they only see the best. As we have written before in these pages, we work as your buyer's agent, in your interest. This method of working means we are able to target the right properties at the right price and get the client the best deal on the property they want.

The truth is that life is too short to take clients to see hundreds of properties most of which would not even come close to matching the things described in the wishlist we ask for from clients. Send us your wishlist here.

Many agencies will take you to see everything they have in the hope of getting a bite. We won't do that! We would be wasting your valuable time (And ours). As long as you are clear in your requirements then we can make your dream happen.

However, not everyone is as transparent as we try to be. Many people have had bad experiences with estate agents in the past, estate agents have a bad reputation as a class in general for good reasons. We try to rid people of that preconception with the way we work with you from first contact to purchase and beyond. Let's look at examples of what attitudes don't work.

Covid19 and Visits

Covid19 has changed the way agencies work and we are no different. One of the things we now ask clients is that they don't make appointments with lots of agencies. The main reason for this is that there is more chance of transmission of Covid19 from lots of personal contacts.

A client seeing five or six different agents in a day has a greater chance of contracting or passing on Covid from one person in a property to another and many times property owners who are selling can be older people who are vulnerable and we don't want to put them at risk either. As we are buyer's agents we can make those appointments for you and have fewer people at the visits and therefore less risk of Covid transmission. Ask us about our services.

So, I can hear you asking, what happened?

A client was sent to us by another agent to find them a place. Not to put too fine a point on it, the client, a minor celebrity, was, we suspect, "coked off their head", not respecting social distancing with anyone, seemed to have no idea of how mask wearing works and was visiting nine or ten agencies over a period of a few days.

This client was a potential superspreader event on their own!

They had driven to Valencia without a PCR test. They were unprepared for purchase, didn't know the process to buy, hadn't even looked into how they would finance the purchase and were not even aware that they needed a NIE number to buy property in Spain.

This single client finally changed the way we work with agents who send us clients. We do not take clients out who are "already in Valencia and looking" because evidently they are seeing a lot of other agents and we suspect many people get bored and want to have a nice day out looking at properties whilst on holiday.

Keeping Cards Close to Chest

A few weeks ago we had a client, again through another agent, who had been unable to find them what they were looking for on a previous visit. They let it be known that they had seen a few places on their previous visit but, and here's the weird thing, they wouldn't let us know what they had seen previously and their thoughts on those properties!

If we don't know what you have seen, what you have discounted and what you thought of places how are we supposed to know when we walk into a place that "I have already seen this!". How are we supposed to know if you refuse to divulge what you have already seen? It's rare for agencies in Valencia to have exclusives and even rarer for them to have exclusives which they don't then offer to other agencies. That is why we can act as buyer's agents. Because we can see virtually everything on the market.

We had just wasted the owner's time (Who might have had to leave work to do the visit), our time and the client's time all because the client wanted to play their cards close to their chest. As above and again, not to put too fine a point on it, this is a really stupid attitude!

Let us know your requirements, what you have seen, your thoughts on those properties and how this has changed what you want so that we don't show you the same property again and we can discount things which, based on that information, we know will not suit you.

And please, don't tell us you are in no hurry because you have a place for sale elsewhere which is going to rise in price this year (In Brexit Britain really!) and then you will sell it because everything in Valencia is going to drop in price... Why on Earth are you looking now then if you can see into the future so readily!

We Are Only Using You...

When we work with a client we are usually told "we are only using you to view" and 95% of the time it's true. However some people tell us this and then arrange visits with other agents. Now anyone is within their right to do this, we don't sign exclusive contracts or anything of the sort. We just like honesty. And one thing is certain, Valencia is very small, we know most other agents and many of them contact us to find their clients properties because they know us and know how we work.

So, when an agent rings us to say have you got anything like this... and then details the exact requirements of someone we are already working with, it's pretty easy to work out who their client is. Just tell us!

Because of the way we work and our business set up, it would have been cheaper in the end to use us to contact that agent for a specific property they might have as their commission fee structure may well be much higher than ours.

Agents Are Not Your Enemy

Contact your agent before visiting, have video conferences with them via Zoom and Whatsapp. Get confident with them before your visit and you don't need to do any of the above. If you have a good relationship with your agent then you work hand in hand to find you the right place at the best price in the best area for you! But one thing you should know, there are not many buyer's agents in Valencia, most agents are representing the interests of the seller and that interest is to maximise the price. Use a buyer's agent and you will get a much better deal.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Magnificent Palace in Gandia 649k

This stunning and totally unique Palacio for sale near Gandia dates back to the 14th Century (although the original building was erected in the 9th Century!). It has a fabulous courtyard, huge rooms and wonderful original details – but has been reformed, so that it is not just beautiful but also habitable!

If you fancy living in a bit of history with class and style then this restored palace might just tick all of your boxes. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (including 2, very large en-suites), huge fully fitted kitchen, 3 reception rooms (vast – approx 100 m2 – main reception room, huge salon, study). Exterior arched entrance hallway with store room all set within a plot containing a large, verdant enclosed courtyard.

This Palacio (Palau in Valenciano) is superb and allows you to live in a genuinely historic property. Almost certainly there was a building here during the Roman era, as during the restoration of the building various Roman artifacts were found. However, the existing building certainly dates back to the 9th century, when it was first in the hands of the Christians – before being seized by the Arabs during the Arab invasion of Spain (AD 711). For a while, during the ‘Taïfa kingdoms’, the owner was a noble Arab warrior named Rufart.

So, there is plenty of history here!

In fact, it is remarkably difficult to find historic properties on coastal Spain that are not complete ruins – so Palacio Antiqua Magnifica is exceptional in being not only a restored property but one that is already habitable. It is certainly very grand and stands on the edge of a charming village. This provides the house with a dominating position with fabulous views across the surrounding valley and mountains. These will delight you with their circling falcons and eagles. A wonderful sight.

Of course, one of the great charms of the property is its very large gardens – which are completely private and bounded on two sides by the house itself with high walls to the other two sides. So, you have a luscious and secluded garden, that is perfect for enjoying to the best the glorious al fresco life of Valencian Spain.

Many of the rooms, as you can imagine, are huge. The reception room, with its huge open fireplace is vast and ideal for entertaining. There is also a large salon and, on the second floor, a spacious studio/study. The master bedroom is huge – really the ultimate in spacious and grand bedrooms. It has an en-suite to match. A further bedroom has an en-suite.

The house is replete with character and traditional woodwork, stonework and other historic elements dating back many years.

If you want a truly unique property (a much over-worked word in estate agency) then this is a must see property. Come and see it and revel in the opportunity to own a piece of Spanish history!

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