Where to Stay on Your First Valencia Visit

Over the years we have had thousands of clients visiting us at Valencia Property and they have all had to stay somewhere when they came to visit us of course. Back in the day we used to almost always be picking people up to go on their visits to see properties from hotels. Sometimes they would be in guest houses outside the city and then Airbnb arrived and suddenly we were picking up people from areas all around the city and further afield. Of course over the last few months since we started up our new venture we have had people staying in our Stepping Stone Rental properties as they have decided that their initial stay was going to be three months rather than a flying visit for a week or two.

Today therefore we are going to be looking at what types of places are available, recommending some interesting hotels if you want to go that way rather than just going to a staid, boring hotel, and letting you know the best areas to base yourself for visits in Valencia.

Types of Accommodation

You can stay in a hotel room, an aparthotel, a studio, an apartment, a flat or a house for your initial stay. You could even turn up in your campervan and slum it a bit too. However most people use one of the types of property given above. Hotel rooms tend to be for short periods of under a week and are largely city based, aparthotels tend to be outside the city on the outskirts but more are appearing in the city too to compete with apartment rentals, and the studio, apartment or flat options can be anywhere really. Houses by definition are almost always outside the city because there aren't many available in Valencia city itself.

We often get asked the difference between a studio, apartment and flat and it's a bit loose but studios don't tend to have a separate bedroom, apartments are either one bedroom or right by the sea and flats cover most other criteria but are generally two bedrooms and above.

Time Periods

The type of property you book yourself into depends on the time period you are going to be here. Any time over a few days and a hotel may become uncomfortable for you as you have no private relaxation area apart from sitting on the bed watching a usually too small tv a bit far away from your pillows on the bed, you have to eat out or eat hotel food constantly and you might feel trapped as if you are in a cell if you got the room looking straight out onto a brick wall at the back rather than herds of wilderbeest sweeping majestically across the plain like you would get in Torquay.

For periods of a week or so then individual apartments of the type offered on Airbnb might be better (Remember other rental options exist). They allow you to cook, order in food and have utensils available, wash up, have space to relax and more space to not unpack your suitcase into (Because nobody ever unpacks right).

Once you decide that your initial stay is going to be for a couple of months or more then Stepping Stone Rentals are your best options as they are fully inclusive pricewise, have all the facilities and amenities of an Airbnb type rental and allow you to have extended stays at lower prices than the frankly ridiculous daily rates charged on Airbnb. You can get a place in the centre of the city, on the outskirts or in the suburbs and prices vary according to area and size.


If you are coming to Valencia to buy a property inside or outside the city then usually it is better to be based in the city especially if you do not have transport as the city is easy to get around and you can get picked up more easily to be taken to property viewings even if you are looking at the towns and villages around. Most of our agents live in the city and will pick you up and drop you off after your visits are over pretty centrally. Equally for the other things you want to do while here like exploring the city and other areas then being pretty central to get around is very useful.

In the following hotel section we will give you a selection where clients have stayed and enjoyed. But a word to the wise, north of the riverbed and to the north west of the old town (or in it) will make most of our crew happier than the Cabanyal and City of Arts and Sciences areas as that means an extra 20 minutes each way for them if picking you up from your hotel or Airbnb. They will usually suggest meeting at the first property if in the city in those cases or meeting at a station or bus stop in others for efficiency's sake.


Now we could do a load of hotels here with affiliate links so we get paid if you make a booking and you would probably expect that. We aren't going to. What we are going to do is give you the names of the hotels so you can check out if the location works for you. You can then go into Booking dot com, hotels dot com or your hotel site of choice to make your booking.

So, that list. Mythic Hotel, SH Avenida del Puerto with the excellent Hocho restaurant on the ground floor, Petit Palace Ruzafa, Palacio de Rojas in El Carmen, Hotel Conqueridor near Fnac, River Hostel for an economy place near the riverbed, Caro Hotel (Where U2 stayed), Only You (Previously known as the Astoria near the town hall square where it boasted Francisco Franco as the head chef, no, not that one), Neptuno which is good for the Cabanyal and right by the beach, Casual Hotels of which there are a few around in the city and finally Las Arenas where our colleague David used to toil in the kitchens and as he says, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".

There are plenty of others but try to keep away from the standard corporate ones on the outskirts of town. They're a little meh. If you have been to Valencia and stayed at a hotel that you think was a little different and great then let us know and we'll include it.

Short Term Apartment Rental

Going down the Airbnb/Booking dot com route is a good option for those of you staying for a week or so and sometimes even up to a month if you can get a good deal. Trying this in March during Fallas is a huge error as it will cost you a fortune. Other time periods to avoid include Easter, August, Reyes, Constitución and a whole lot more local fiestas so make sure to check your dates with us first.

You won't have an issue finding a place in any of the districts of Valencia, there are short term rentals all over the city and the recent sprouting up everywhere of renovated and luxury ground floor studios like the newly finished one below in Ayora via Osito Hub might well be an option for you if you don't require anything too large.

Stepping Stone Rentals

For longer periods you be wanting to avoid hotels and even smaller studios and our sister company Stepping Stone Rentals could well be your best option. These are whole apartments, fully equipped and ready to move into from day one.

They are an alternative to long term rentals booked from abroad which are ripe for scams. We work with you to find the perfect place and location for your requirements and organise everything with the owner to make sure that when your plane touches down that everything is ready. Below we have a selection of some of the currently available places, just click on the images to take a look. Also if you want to read more about SSR then go to our FAQ page.

(You may read this at a later date and the ones shown here are not available but we have others so head over to the main site from the link above and check out current availability.)

It's a dream of many to live in a whole house with terrace in the Cabanyal in Valencia. To manage to live in one that has been exquisitely decorated, set up and lived in and looks great from both outside and in, on one of the most attractive streets in the area just a short stroll away from the market, beach and port, yes this is the Canyamelar area, it is ideal.

This apartment is only a few minutes walk from the lovely Parc Central, the good 'ol trendy Russafa district, and Valencia's main train station Xativa. Count on well connected buses, tram lines, and bike lanes that will take you direct to the city center, the beach, Valencia's Port, and the quirky Arts & Sciences museum.

This property would suit a couple looking to take their first steps into Valencia and the lifestyle of living in the city. Right by all of the major attractions but on a road with very little traffic, although quite lot of foot traffic, this apartment is high enough up to avoid too much noise and the bedroom is to the rear giving you peace and quiet. Stylish, open plan and with great facilities and amenities like all Stepping Stone Rentals, this property is a chic introduction to Valencia and ready for you now.

La Seu in the heart of Valencia just a few metres away from the riverbed and a short stroll to the cathedral this two bedroom apartment with a large and rather fetching terrace is an amazing place to land with your Stepping Stone Rental. Here you will have everything at hand with all of Valencia on your doorstep and a large terrace overlooking the rooftops of central Valencia. You are just a few metres away from the "Turia" riverbed park and have very easy access to plenty of shopping adventures, history and culture.

And just one more thing before we move on... all of the above are properties that we sold to our clients at Valencia Property. This shows you not only the types of property we sell but also that our clients trust us to help them after their purchase too. We maintain our relationship with them.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

A Mansion in Montealegre.

It's that time of the year when we spend a lot of our days in L'Eliana, some clients are looking to retire and live at a fraction of the price of most other countries, others have decided to relocate and give themselves the best possible future, be that lifestyle options, excellent schools, a safe environment and family comes first culture with enviable climate (24º this February week) and one of the best places IN THE WORLD to live. (Forbes, Expat Insider, The Independent, ermmm, Me)

So without further ado, this absolutely massive villa, private, peaceful, pretty and pristine. Currently divided into two separate homes, with a total of two kitchens, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, balconies, terraces, a perfect plot, pool, a huge underbuild that gives you even more options AND a useful outdoor kitchen and annex in the garden that could be another self contained unit. Virtually limitless potential and space, which also means very good value for money considering its m2.

So if you have, or are planning on having a very large family, this has to be a No 1 priority in your calendar when you contact us for viewings.

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