The Best Place to Buy in Valencia For Your Budget

One of the questions that we are always asked is where is the best place to buy a property in Valencia? This is true for those wanting a city apartment or a property in the suburbs and as always our answer is "Well, it depends". And the two big deciding factors in this are "What is Your Budget? and "What are you Looking for?" Because while it may be true that the most popular areas of Valencia include Ruzafa, Ensanche and the Cabanyal it's also true that prices are higher there than in other areas so your budget may not allow you to buy there depending on your requirements. Outside the city the same is true, the best known towns such as L'Eliana, Ribarroja, Betera and the like are often outside the budgets of many people due to the type of build, the land price and the size of plots so what we try to find for people are other suitable and excellent options.

In this post therefore we are going to look at the best areas to look in each price range and just so we have a criteria for this we will look at budgets for each hundred thousand in general although at the lower end we have split the 100ks into two areas and we will be splitting the 700k and above into just two ranges. One little thing though, we won't be concentrating on things under 100k as in the city it's now impossible and outside it's areas that we don't really cover as you have to get quite a long way from Valencia in order for that to happen or alternatively the place is a wreck, illegal or occupied. If that ad you think is too good to be true then it probably is in 99%of cases.

However today will be a first part only because we have other things to talk abouttoo. So today we go from 100k to 300k. Next week we will talk about the higher price properties and areas.

Price Range 100-150k

In each price range we are going to distinguish between apartments and houses and houses are divided into townhouses and villas depending on the price range and availability. To start let's look at city apartments up to 150k. The truth is you haven't got too much to choose from but we will give you a good option where you might have the greatest choice of properties and we are going to count it as the city despite it being on the edge and having it's own town hall. Ladies and Gentlemen we give you Mislata.

Mislata is perfectly situated between the airport and the centre on the metro line and just three stops into the city centre, Mislata has the distinction, maybe dubious, of apparently being the most densely populated urban area in Spain and possibly Europe, depending on the source material. This is without it being a jungle of high rise properties meaning it has everything to hand with plenty of facilities within walking distance of any property you get there. This also means there is a lot of demand for rentals if you are looking to rent out.

For houses we are going to divide into two areas here, townhouses and villas but we do have to go outside of the city in order to find the best options. Townhouses in Valencia itself don't come into this price range even when you need to modernise.

In terms of townhouses you can get a good value place in a lovely town like Betera for this price range although it's likely to need total modernisation. To get a place ready to go you may need to go a bit further inland to Lliria or North to Masamagrell and there is also the great option to the South in Cullera (Click on the image below to see an apartment at 123k unless it's gone by the time you read this and on our homepage you will find a townhouse uploaded yesterday for 176k, the next price band).

For villas with a bit of land then you probably need to go west of Lliria which is right on the edge of the area we cover and towards Pedralba is a decent option.

Price Range 150-200k

For apartments in the city at this price range we suggest going between the city and the sea in areas to the north of Avenida del Puerto such as Ayora, Albors and Amistad. Equally you can get really good value by the riverbed in Nou Moles just a short metro ride into the centre, one stop less than the aforementioned Mislata.

For townhouses then you can get a bit closer to the city in La Pobla de Vallbona, Betera or Burjassot. When we start thinking about villas then there are some around Villamarchante or more to the north of the city in Albalat dels Taronchers. However, as we have mentioned in our post about the way the suburbs developed in Valencia it's unusual for there to be villas with land close to the city as the land is either protected or commands a very high price meaning there is little up to 200k under 20 minutes from the city.

Price Range 200-300k

You start to get a good selection in the city at this price range and we are going to suggest a few areas here where you will get a good choice. Our favourite areas in this price range are Ruzafa, Cabanyal, Campanar and La Petxina. When something decent in this price range comes up in these areas it is gobbled up quickly. Another reason to have your ducks in a row.

Outside the city you can get excellent townhouses in many of the surrounding towns and at this price range you have plenty of choice so choose your town then start looking. However don't expect many to be available, supply is still tight. You can start looking in San Antonio at the Terraced houses with shared facilities (See below), Betera and La Pobla de Vallbona. You might get something similar in L'Eliana but with prices still rising that ship may well have sailed within another couple of months.

For villas then the areas a couple of kilometres out from La Pobla de Vallbona, Betera, Naquera and Ribarroja are good options in this price range. To be more central to these towns then you need to move up to the next price range and that is what we will look at in the next post because we have to move on now to other things.

New Feature on the Next Podcast

The next podcast will be out at the start of December and in it we are going to have a new feature, Valencia Stories. In this feature we will tell a story about the history of Valencia, about something to do with the property market or in the case of the first one "Klaus, the Dead German Builder", which is a must listen. The main part of the podcast this month is called "What could possibly go wrong?" which will take you through the buying process and things to look out for.

Meanwhile if you haven't listened to the latest episode take a listen below. In this episode we looked at what people leave behind and had a little story about knife crime.

What We Sold This Week

We have had a few signings since the last post so I thought we would let you know what we had signed for. Pictured below and finally signed after a lot of waiting around for the bank and the mortgage, this fourth floor walk up apartment in the heart of the Cabanyal went for 140k.

Last Monday we had another Golden Visa property sold, a large penthouse apartment in central Valencia for 590k, and on Friday we signed for a 250k penthouse requiring a total modernisation on Avenida del Cid. Excellently large terrace here by the way proving that when you search for a needle in a haystack at times you can find it.

And for those of you who ask "How long does it take to buy a property in Valencia?" That last one was two weeks from first visit to completion and ownership. When the client has their ducks in a row and are clear about what they are looking for then we are ultra efficient on getting things across the line. Thanks to the selling agent and the owner's willingness to work quickly with us this was a speedy one. The second came in under a month and the buyers gave me a Power of Attorney to sign for it for them so they didn't have to fly back from the States to sign, that's trust. I took out a cheque from their bank account for just over half a million Euros with my POA. The first was five months thanks to a particularly slow bank and mortgage process and the buyer not deciding to go ahead for a few months until they had an idea of what they could do on the modernisation.

On other tasks, it was an even better week for agreements on future sales with five or six sales agreed, all to be signed in the next two months although one did fall through due to an owner sticking on wanting black money. Not gonna happen. Thanks to all of the clients, both sellers and buyers, who put their confidence in us to find their perfect solution. We managed it.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

We sell way more houses in L’Eliana than any other town apart from Valencia itself. The “No more than 30 minutes from Valencia” is a regular request and whilst there’s plenty of places that are nice to live, here it is extremely pleasant, quiet, clean, safe and great for those school trips up and down the CV35, especially here in El Carme, a stones throw to the autopista, the supermarket, coffee shop and a gym for when you have the morning to yourself.

A single storey villa of 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large living area with excellent open plan kitchen, ideal for entertaining and leading to plenty of covered terraces to spread outdoors and enjoy the tranquil garden and good sized pool, there is also a separate annexe on the plot, currently used as a work space and soundproofed so you can put the kids and in-laws in there and get back to the peace and quiet. In

So for now, here for sale, an extremely sellable house, and the owners are in agreement and motivated. Let's get it on

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