Rental Options and the Valencia Property Rental Service

The Story So Far

We have been getting so many requests for medium and long term rentals lately that we thought it was time to tell you once more about the options you have to work with us at Valencia Property and even Stepping Stone Rentals when you are looking to rent in and around Valencia. Some people on social media platforms thought we didn't offer rentals, we do, just not on the main site.

Every day there are more enquiries for rentals both for long and medium term and we are hearing more and more stories of online scams so we thought we would be clear here about what we do for you with our rental service and other rental options.

And before we get started just to let you know, this article may well sound rather uncaring to those that choose not to work with us initially but it isn't. If you want our rental service you book it well before coming over and if you want a Stepping Stone Rental the same applies. We have been around since the last century for a reason. We know what we are doing and protect our clients from taking a major misstep.

The Law Change

At the start of the year the law changed supposedly stopping agents from charging tenants a commission on finding them a rental property. Supposedly! We have never charged for that. We charge for our expertise in helping you to find a property and we take on a limited number of clients each month to make sure the service is good. In the article about our rental service we make it clear that the letting agent may charge you too once the contract is in place and despite the change in the law they still do in most cases. Why should you pay it? Well you can choose not to but they won't rent the property to you. It's not right, it's not the law but it's the truth.

The Rental Problem in Valencia

As a foreigner you immediately have fewer options to rent as we have written about many times before because most owners will not accept someone they can not get insurance for in their property. The fear of illegal occupation is real even if the reality is largely fictitious. One of our jobs that we do well at Valencia Property with our rental service is to convince owners to accept you, our clients, as we work with the client before arriving to prove the ability to pay and that they are decent people.

Also we avoid situations where the owner asks you for 12 months upfront payment or ridiculous amounts of deposit to ensure getting your rental. We make sure that the owners are putting your deposit into the Prop so you are protected against the owner not returning your deposit.

However, we cannot always convince owners to rent to foreigners and we cannot therefore get all of the properties on the market available for you. We try and we get more success than most others but we can never be 100%. To read more about the Rental Crisis in Valencia click on the following images to be taken to the articles about it.

Equally, we have a lot of properties from our clients that often come up for rental at decent prices both for longer term rentals and also Stepping Stone Rentals, see below.

The Valencia Property Rental Service

At Valencia Property we have just increased our fee for the rental service to 895 Euros plus VAT (Or half of one month's rent on prices above 1800 Euros per month). We just have too much demand and in order to keep the quality of service high we need to employ more time to finding the properties and putting together the contracts. The workload to find good quality rentals is getting ever greater. As always when you buy with us later we discount this price from our commission on purchase so you can call it a deposit or an investment if you want. If you don't want to use our service then no problem and good luck. We know of people who have found their own rentals and many people don't need our help. However many do.

We work by you contacting us well before your visit to Valencia. We have a chat to find out your requirements and start working on your ideal property for rental. However, bear in mind that we only start drawing up a shortlist once you are a week out from your visit unless we have already identified a place, sent it to you and you have decided to trust our judgement over a video call and reserved it well before coming over.

Why don't we start until a week before?

Because anything you like a month before you visit will not still be available when you come over and owners will not accept you reserving months before and leaving their place empty until your arrival. There is really no point in arriving now because you want a rental in six months and expecting an owner to hold it for you. It won't happen.

We work in a very agile way and may well find you the ideal property on the day of your arrival or even after you have left because we never say to people "it's this or nothing". We tell people to wait and maybe take a Stepping Stone Rental which is the ideal way of landing and giving you time to find the perfect long term rental or purchase.

The Stepping Stone Rental Solution

We have written about our new project Stepping Stone Rentals before and we will continue to bang the drum for it as it grows and grows. SSR offers three month initial rentals to land here with certainty and give you the best chance of settling into your more permanent home in Valencia more easily.

Those currently using the properties that we have provided are loving them and especially when they find on arriving that they are fully equipped and furnished, everything works and they are well located and priced. As a temporary housing measure they are generally half the price of Airbnb equivalents and allow for a much more flexible timeframe with extensions allowed if required, or even the opportunity to try out another place for three months, if you still haven't found exactly what you're looking for.

We have Stepping Stone Rentals both inside and outside the city of Valencia and we are continually growing our offer and service. To start off with there was no cost to the tenant in booking a Stepping Stone Rental as we made a special offer for starting up. Now the cost of finding you the property, putting together the contract and getting you settled into your new Stepping Stone Rental property is just 300 Euros. Stepping Stone Rentals will also now be offering the Valencia Property rental service to find your long term rental once here and the cost of that is the same as going directly through Valencia Property, 895 euros, minus the 300 Euros already paid just for SSR clients. Equally you will still get the full discount on commission on purchase. Can't say fairer than that.

The Requirements To Work With Us

You'll need to be very clear with us about your requirements and you'll need to get in touch with us well before coming over to visit. We do not work with people on the ground here after they have given up trying to find a place themselves as we are almost booked up now until the end of the year and we will not drop everything for you I'm afraid. It's just not our problem if you are desperate after a fruitless search and we are busy with clients both for purchase and sale.

We owe much more to those who have previously booked our Rental Service as places are scarce and online scams are rife. Our experience means that our clients are not subject to those scams even though at times they will ask us to see places that are advertised and we know are scams. (And by the way we have reported scams to the online portals and they have done absolutely nothing about those listings)


You don't have to work with us. There are other agencies and you can also try to do it yourself. We are not desperate to have loads of rental clients as it's hard work and difficult to find exactly the right place for people and the rewards aren't the same as selling properties which is our main business. However we realise that there are just too many scams out there and we want people coming over to be sure that their first step isn't a disastrous one. We also want a long term relationship with our clients taking them through rentals into purchase and beyond. That's how we work, that's how we roll. If you want the best service in town then contact us well before you come over.

In order to make sure we can offer this service with the quality it demands we only take on a few clients per month. If you want to be one of them then mail us with your requirements and dates and we can set up a chat.

The Valencia Property Podcast

Later this week we will be publishing our latest Valencia Property Podcast. We will be talking about the market and how it is, the rental market, going ove a few of our blog posts and more. Have a listen of course but if you have missed any episodes then have a listen back to our previous ones here. (We have now uploaded the new episode below for you to listen to.) The Valencia Property Autumn 2023 Market Report.

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