What Lies Behind That Townhouse Door

Let's not make any bones about it but townhouses are an enigma. Here at Valencia Property we love them. They offer loads of space, great locations, plenty of potential and community (Being in a town and surrounded by others) and they are usually great value when you look at the price per square metre. However, they often require a lot of modernisation, and the bigger they are the more that modernisation will cost, they need more upkeep than an apartment and they usually don't have the kerb appeal as what lies behind that townhouse door is often very well disguised.

Today therefore we are going to look in depth at some of the townhouses currently available on the Valencia Property website and explain why they are great value. Now remember, we have written about townhouses before here and how you get all or nothing, either totally reformed or needing everything doing to it, but today we thought we would look at what is currently available in some of the towns surrounding Valencia, and they're mostly ready to go. Once done we are going to look at our new websites again now they are mostly ready and invite you to contact us with your questions about anything to do with Valencia Property and help us with some feedback.

Why I Chose to Live in a Townhouse?

I have told this story to many a client over the years. I wanted a garden and I wanted a pool back in the day when I was buying. But... and it's a big but, I am not a gardener and I'm not a pool cleaner. There is a possibility that I could learn to keep a pool blue and a garden green but a green pool and a brown dead garden are much more likely. I wanted to concentrate more on living and working in Valencia rather than desperately trying to save plants from my incompetence. And I wanted someone who was an expert to do the heavy lifting for me in terms of gardening and pool maintenance. Therefore I chose a town house with a shared pool and garden. The costs of the gardener and pool maintenance are shared between all of the owners and I get to use a sparkling clean pool in my lovely garden at least twice a year (Laziness and work pressures)

You might decide to choose a townhouse though that doesn't have communal facilities, a townhouse which is all yours. I get that. Many people don't want a shared pool, they want their own where they can make as much noise and spend as much time in it as they want without having quiet time during siesta or in the middle of the night. Many people don't want a pool and garden but outside space in the form of a patio with plants and a bit of greenery may be enough. After all we have a big swimming pool on our doorstep known as the Med and most towns have superb sports facilities including a huge swimming pool at the local sports centre. Let's look at some townhouses that may suit those looking for this type of lifestyle.

Flour Power in Olocau 190k

Here is a chance for you to own a bit of local history dear readers. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona national park is the town of Olocau and it is here that you will find this glorious townhouse which originally functioned as the local bakery. You will find evidence of this inside where the owners remodelled while keeping some of the original features, including a brick oven tucked under the stairs.

While the oven is long retired, nixing any plans for a side earner flogging fancy focaccias that you perfected during Covid lockdown, this house does offer the possibility to roll in the dough as it currently operates as a Casa Rural and there is the option to continue as such. The hiking and cycling options on the doorstep are likely to keep you ticking over making a few quid on the side.

If you harbour dreams of one day running a small business in idyllic surroundings or retreating to the countryside and enjoying the peace and quiet yourself then this could well be the place for you.

Sagunto Townhouse in the Shadow of the Castle 185k

Now and again, you find a property that really pleasantly surprises you. We went to look at this townhouse, in one of the most ancient parts of one of the most ancient towns in the Valencia region, Sagunto, and we expected the usual townhouse issues. Damp, dodgy structural issues, dark windowless bedrooms, etc.

So it was really enjoyable to find this instead. The house was only built in 1990, despite the location, and renovated in the last few years. Everything is excellent, simple as that. Can't fault it. New windows, central heating, air conditioning. New bathrooms, new kitchen. Wooden windows and doors in perfect condition throughout and even though the photos don't really do it justice, it is a really bright and airy house.

The property has a large garage on the ground floor. This is the only place on the street with council permission to drive in and park. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the house, large living area with balconies onto the pedestrian street outside, and views of the castle and town walls. On the top floor, there is a large roof terrace, with a paellero/BBQ, and lots of room for dining table and chair and at the moment the owners even have a raised pool out there.

The terrace mainly faces west, sunsets over the mountains, and the house lies below the castle and old roman walls, so amazing views in all directions. Sagunto is 30 minutes from Valencia city, has regular train service, and is 10 minutes from the beach. If you are looking for a townhouse without any of the headaches of a townhouse this is the one. Great potential for tourist rentals too while you aren't there.

Renovated Townhouse in La Pobla de Vallbona 250k

Convenience is the watchword here and that's always the case with townhouses as you are near to everything but get a lot of space for your money too without needing to use your car for everything.

This renovated townhouse in La Pobla de Vallbona is almost ready to go. It just needs an owner who can put those finishing touches to the property. Take a look at the photos and you will see what we mean. The main floor is all done and ready to live in with new kitchen and bathrooms and lots of wall space.

Upstairs is a high ceiling with open space of around 110m2 waiting for you to make a magnificent rumble room, main bedroom or whatever and outside you have superb terraces overlooking the lower patio where a jacuzzi or plunge pool might be your choice, already pre-prepared.

The title says rehabilitated townhouse. That doesn't mean it used to have a drink problem but after a few sessions at AA it's now back on the wagon. It means it has been returned to its former glory and, let's face it, what we mean by that is better than its former glory as it didn't used to have broadband internet, proper drainage and modern electrics and conveniences. It does now. Come and check it out. And if you want to know more about choosing a townhouse then click the link here.

Amazing Silla Townhouse 349k

Silla is a town on the edge of Valencia city that has a lot going for it as some recent clients have found out. A 15-minute drive to Valencia, and you probably get there even quicker on the train that passes every 20 minutes and leaves you right in the city centre, we’ve overlooked this town for others to the north of the city but time to change that. And this is no sleeper town, there’s plenty activity and there’s even rumours of a craft beer super pub opening up shortly! *
I have been reliably informed that the name Silla comes from the arabica “Suhayla” meaning flat and not the Spanish word chair as some other people have postulated (by other people I mean me trying to sound knowledgeable to my clients), and this makes complete sense as it is on the edge of the Albufera with its rice fields and lagoon. The local delicacy is something called “All i Pebre” which is a dish whose main ingredient is eels plucked directly from the Albufera. And don’t make that face, it’s bloody delish.
Anyways, enough with the hard sell on Valencia’s best kept secret town, a little bit about this magnificent example of the townhouses typical out this way. Step through the front door and you could be stepping onto the set of some period drama. I strongly recommend you click on the link at the end of this description to view the walkthrough. 400+ square meters with a spacious interior garden and echoes of days gone by in every room. Did I mention that Silla is considerably cheaper than other towns considerably further out? All of this for less than €350k. With what you’ll have saved by buying out here you can go and buy your bodyweight in eels.

*Pure speculation on my part

Magnificent Meliana Mansion 420k

Back in the day Spanish towns grew up arond the church. Religion had a big hold on the population. Later on politics came to Spain and living next to the Town Hall was seen as just as important. In many Spanish towns the town hall is right next to the main church in the central square.

Here we are opposite the town hall and down the road from the church in the Main Square of Meliana, the historic bit if you like. And here we have one of the town house mansions that hide so much space and secrets behind a beautiful facade. You want space, you have it. You want a garden, you have it. You want a jumbled labyrinth of rooms then once again you have it. Everything you could want from a town house in fact, history, very high ceilings, reform opportunities and a whole lot more.

The price is 420k but you will need a good deal more to reform this place especially if you want to incorporate the upstairs part into the lower floor. Oh didn't I say, the upstairs part is currently accessed via a staircase from next door as it used to be the Casino for the town back in the day of the Spanish Republic.

Potentially here then you have two dwellings on the main square very close to Valencia and about 150m away from the railway station for easy access to the city in a pretty little town with all facilities to hand. You could even put a pool in the garden at the back.

Mareny Beach House 165K

A fantastic opportunity here for anyone who has been considering moving to the Valencia region but also hoping to have a little tourist business. This house is in Mareny de San Lorenzo, a little town well known to generations of Valencians as a stop off on the road down to or back from the great beaches south of the city to grab almuerzo or merienda at the famous Horno de Beata Inés.

Its a ten minute walk from the beach, and a ten minute drive from Cullera town. Valencia city is about 40 minutes if you take the scenic route through the Albufera Natural Park.

The property itself consists of 3 units, and there is the potential for a fourth. Upstairs are 2 self contained units, one with two bedrooms, the other with one. Both in perfect condition and are being rented out regularly on AirBnB at the moment. Downstairs the owner is just putting the finishing touches to the renovation of another self-contained unit. Larger, with an open patio and 2 bedrooms when finished, it is bright and airy. This could be a home for you to live, or another rental unit. The garage makes up the rest of the lower floor. As yet this is undeveloped, but there is the potential there for anything, from a yoga studio to a local shop, which the village needs. There are 2 restaurants, a bar, but no corner shop.

The current owner has considerably upgraded the property in the last couple of years, including rewiring and connecting the property to the sewerage system. All the fun stuff that puts people off taking on a big house like this, but here its already been done. Solar panels have been installed, and air-conditioning and wifi. There is a large roof terrace, sea and mountain views and with lots of room for both you and guests to relax and enjoy the evening summer breeze.

As I mentioned, there is a decent rental business already up and running, with regular customers throughout the winter months giving a steady income. In fact the longer you look at this, the more of an opportunity it really is! Get in touch now and we'll tell you more.

Not Your Normal Townhouse in Cullera 295k

I think its time we (you) started paying more attention to Cullera, often cited as Madrid on Sea for many generations of city dwellers looking for a summer retreat it has really started to look like an excellent option for people who are familiar with Valencia but don’t want to go too far for a few days on some excellent beaches and invest in a second home, and whilst we generally steer clear of this type of modern and minimalist build if you’re looking for a lock up and leave kind of place in the sun you could do a lot worse than this.

Set high in the hills of the Faro Urbanisation, this modern multi level town house gives you more than enough room to spread out and take in the panoramic views over the bays, hills, coves and beaches from its numerous balconies and terraces. 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Living Room and Open plan Kitchen, it also has an Elevator! and a massive garage for Kayaks, Padel Boards, Bucket and spades or even car, trailer and jet skis.

Airy and light and clean and simple and because its an end terrace you get a bit more patio and garden, theres also a community pool to wash off the day at the beach before you freshen up and hit the town, and if you’ve made it this far, all you need to do now is drop us a line and we’ll go and take a look at everything this hidden gem of a town has to offer.

Something For Everyone There

Different styles, different price ranges, different towns. A little bit of everything there. If you saw anything you like then send us a message and arrange a visit. If the demand is there we have plenty more where they came from and we love visiting townhouses with character, and that's what plenty of them have.

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Property Of The Week

There’s a paradox that I haven’t given a name yet but basically the better a property, the less interesting the description will be. The reason being that the photos will do the heavy-lifting and you will see fairly quickly how good said property is.
Today’s house being an excellent case in point, the photos do a far better job of selling it than any words of mine could have done. But I still need to fill up some space here so what to do? I could tell you that it’s located next to the town of Betera in a neighbourhood called Torre en Conill, which translated means Rabbit Towers. That’s kind of fun I suppose, reminds me of a joke that used to make me cackle when I was a wee boy (far too long to post here but it involves a talking rabbit and toasted sandwiches).
That little meander has taken up some space and now all that’s left is to reinforce here what you are already thinking by looking at the photos. This is a very very good property, and personally I think the size of the plot is perfect, not too big, not too small. Nice and modern, quality materials everywhere you look which again you will see in the photos. A good location not far from various international schools and a short drive into Valencia city, this is one of the more impressive properties we’ve seen in a while.

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