What Does Living A Slower Pace of Life In Valencia Involve

One of the attractions of coming to live in Spain, and more particularly Valencia, is slowing down and getting off the hamster wheel of life where your every waking moment has to be filled by something that is expected of you by the society you live in. The opportunity to move away from that and reinvent yourself while being able to stop for a while and think or even better, not even resort to thinking and just live, is a hidden gem of a lifestyle tip that we should all aspire to. At Valencia Property, our clients have many motivations for coming to live in Valencia. Obviously, the first is the extreme good value of the property they buy in a place with a very high quality of life and after that "lifestyle reasons" is one of the most common answers given to our questions about why do you want to buy in Valencia. (Click the link to send us a mail telling us why you want to buy here) A Slower Pace of Life in Valencia
A Slower Pace of Life in Valencia
We always suggest to people that living in Valencia and Spain means a slower pace of life. At the same time we also say it gives people more time to do more, not to just sit around and enjoy the climate, food, drink and ambience. So in the spirit of kicking back and relaxing while enjoying a better quality of life today we look at what does a slower pace of life in Valencia involve? Take a look. Firstly, the city is compact so Valencia allows you to live very comfortably without a car. Spanish cities are compact in general because most people live in apartments above shops and facilities. This means everything is more to hand. On the down side if you want a car then finding a parking place can be difficult and relatively expensive so why put yourself through that if you are living in the city. With the advent of car, bike and cycle sharing services in major cities the personal use of a car becomes less and less needed anyway. Valencia is at the forefront of this.  Allied to this is the fact that all the shops you may want to visit can be got to on foot. You live close enough to the supermarkets, the markets, the clothes shops and more to avoid having to take a car to an out of town mall to do your shopping. For sure they exist but the city centre of Valencia still thrives. And you know the best thing, shopping is not considered either a competitive sport or a leisure activity in most cases. It's for getting what you want or need and is done in the times between doing more important stuff like meeting friends and family or doing sports and other leisure activities.  If you don't fancy walking, bike or motorbike sharing then remember that slowing down means catching public transport and the network of public transport and compact nature of the city means that you are never far away from a bus, metro or tram and it doesn't take forever to get to where you are going either. Equally there is no stigma attached to riding a bus or tram, everyone does it. You don't get medals for going somewhere in your own car!  Coffee in Valencia
Coffee in Valencia
And once you have caught the bus into town and you arrive there what can you do when slowing down. Start by having a coffee and watching the world go by. (Not on your phone but in real life) Coffee at your local or favourite cafe is an everyday and sometimes various times a day thing in Spain, something to do to meet friends, say hello to people or even just chat with the owner of the bar who will get to know how you like your coffee too.  One more thing about this though. It is also not frowned upon to enjoy a tipple with your morning coffee. A morning beer is normal, brandy in your coffee is normal and a glass of red is also just a normal thing. Of course just one is the norm, as otherwise this might slow you down too much for the rest of the day, but it's cool to know that nobody is judging you.    Once your coffee is finished then get into doing something that helps you meet more people, expands your personal development or stimulates you. Make sure to give yourself time to study new things, the language, obviously, dance, any number of handicrafts, coding, anything really. The stimulus and language you learn in these classes will make your life in Valencia richer by far. Once you have finished do your food shopping in the local shops and buy fresh ingredients ready to make something that you will enjoy. Learn to cook with fresh ingredients and remember the joy is in the process not the end result (Although if the end result is good then all the better) Take your time over it. Many Spanish dishes require patience and time. Learning how to cook local dishes like rice dishes, fish, and the huge variety of desserts using the plentiful seasonal ingredients is enjoyable and satisfying. And after lunch what better thing to do than have a well earned siesta. Now not everyone in Spain does this and it is falling out of common use in many parts of the country as lunchtimes get shorter and people pack other things into their lunchtimes. However, you don't have to follow the herd of course. Siestas are superb and help you to relax and be more productive after them. I have mentioned the restorative powers of siestas before on these pages, you should listen, they are great.  When you wake up, refreshed, invigorated and blinking outside the window you will notice that it is invariably sunny. In many other countries if you see it is sunny there is an imperative to get outside into the sun and make use of it as it may be the last time you can top up your vitamin D levels for some time. Here we know that it will probably be here tomorrow too, and the next day and the next... So there is no need to worry and hurry everyone into the sun. You'll spend some time in the sun, suitably covered in cream mañana. A Slower Pace of Life in Valencia
A Slower Pace of Life in Valencia
And then the evening comes and it gives you a chance to discover new and interesting bars, restaurants and activities. Find your favourites and visit regularly of course but there is a whole world of food and drink to discover out there from simple plates of Tapas all the way through to World renowned haute cuisine. (See our post here about some of our eating out tips And you know what, if you don't do any of that today you know that you can always do it tomorrow. The concept of "Mañana" is often seen as a criticism of Spain and the truth is if you need something doing then it can be extremely annoying but it developed because there is always more time to do things and there are always interesting things to do. Just don't take them too seriously.  Life in Valencia can be as relaxed or hectic as you want. It can be full of activity or it can be full of time to yourself to reflect, enjoy and plan. Whatever your reason is for joining us in Valencia remember we are here to help you. Come along to our Valencia Property site and take a look. From off grid fincas in the countryside to huge city apartments to mansions on gated estates we have something for you. Below you can see a few of our current offers.  300K Bohemian Apartment in Valencia's Soho, Ruzafa
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