Paying a Premium for Outside Space in Valencia City.

If what you are looking for in your Valencia Property is a city apartment, a bolthole just a Ryanair or Easyjet hop away from home then you might just want to pay that bit extra and get your apartment with a terrace so you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and maybe be able to enjoy a barbecue or two with friends. Paying a Premium For Your Outside Space in Valencia
Paying a Premium For Your Outside Space in Valencia
There are generally two options when you want outside space, either the Penthouse (attic), well worth it as long as the building has a lift, or the first floor, probably better if the building is without one. Most Valencia city flats do not have a large terrace on the other floors. At best you may get enough space to put a couple of chairs and a small table outside but usually you might get what is colloquially known as a "smoking terrace" a place where you can still see today the smoker in the family banished to in order to watch the world go by while puffing away on their Ducados (Cheap Spanish cigs).

So what is the difference between a Penthouse flat and a first floor flat with terrace?

Height of course is a given but cash is usually the answer. The first floor flats with terrace are more expensive than middle floor flats at times of course but there are often a few downsides; the perception that everybody is looking down at you as you have your barbecue, sunbathe or generally enjoy the outside space, maybe times when there is not much sun because the large city flats around cast a shadow or even no sun at all because the terrace is north facing. Always make sure to find out the orientation when looking at a first floor flat. Your Penthouse Apartment in Valencia
Your Penthouse Apartment in Valencia
Penthouses on the other hand, known as "aticos" in Spanish (except when they are really special and then the word Penthouse is adopted), are often excellent sun traps but they are not always the perfect property. Many are converted porters' lodges or storerooms for the building and oftentimes the conversion wasn't done well and they lack insulation (Not great in the summer or winter). Sometimes the building may be north facing meaning you only get the sun on your outside terrace in the height of the summer and the rest of the year you might be able to enjoy it but in the shade which will mean in the winter months you may not be able to use it at all. Valencians generally prefer East facing terraces to get the morning sun and get shade in the afternoon and evenings. East facing terraces also get the breeze coming in off the sea during the day so tend to be cooler.  Outside of the cities on the coast, apartments are often built with terraces so that they can all be sold with outside space. Cities grew organically over the centuries without taking into account the tourist trade or the needs of foreign visitors attracted by Ryanair and low cost flights so they were not specifically built with outside space in mind. You do not need to buy a penthouse flat though to get your quota of sun and light. Many city flats have common terraces on the roof and if you choose to use them for barbecues, a few drinks with friends or just sitting around staring at the stars at night the community will not give you any problems. And of course in Valencia and Spain as a whole people tend to live on the street still in the cities; pavement cafes, rooftop terrace bars and beachside "chiringuitos" dot the cities on the coast and cafes in the main squares of the big cities attract people every evening to meet with friends and chat about the latest news, gossip and sport, especially the sport! It is this lifestyle that people buy into when buying Valencia Property rather than the apartment itself. The ambience of the city is what attracts people so if the budget doesn't stretch to the Valencia penthouse apartment and paying the premium then you can still enjoy what attracted you in the first place at a lower price (Giving you more money to actually spend going out and soaking up the atmosphere, agua de Valencia and wine and many other of the 112 Reasons to move to Valencia.)  Your Outside Space in Valencia
Your Outside Space in Valencia.
Now at this point you would expect us to tempt you with a few properties in Valencia that offer you terraces whether on the first floor and some penthouses. However, by the time you read this they may well have sold and you will be disappointed so go along to our webpage at Valencia Property (The link takes you to our selection of city apartments) and check out the latest listings for yourself. You cannot filter by terrace or balcony but you can feast your eyes on a load of great looking properties and be sure to read the descriptions as if there is a terrace we will be sure to mention it and we will also have a photo or two on the listing itself. (Oh, by the way, the three terraces featured above in the graphics can all be found on those listings) Enjoy Valencia and also enjoy your property.

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