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There is not an all encompassing Multi Listing System (MLS) in Spain for property sales. In many other countries, the best known being the MLS in the United States, there is a multi listing system (MLS) for properties that virtually all real estate agents use. A potential buyer chooses their realtor and that realtor is subscribed to the MLS and can find all types of property that will suit their client in theory. The idea is that this allows the client to have a full choice of all properties on the market rather than just being limited to those that a particular estate agent has on their books and agents work together to market their listings to all realtors.  This situation doesn't really exist in Valencia or Spain as a whole. There are small MLS systems through chains of agents, Habitale list their own properties from all of their own offices, Engel and Volkers use an internal MLS as do others but the closest you have to a full MLS system are the online property portals that you can find such as Idealista, Pisos and Fotocasa which are similar in style to Zoopla, Right Move or Prime Location with lots of agents advertising their properties meaning you get an overview of the market.  Valencia Property - Valencia's Number One Estate Agency For UK Buyers
Valencia Property - Valencia's Number One Estate Agency For UK Buyers (40% of all investment in Valencia city in Q1 2017 from our clients)
You can find a wide range of property on the portals (At Valencia Property we use them every day to identify properties that may suit our client requests) but the leg work is still there, you may find ten properties that are interesting but they may be from ten different agents and to get to see those properties you would have to arrange visits with each individual agent, most of whom won't speak your language, and they would also take you to see other things they have that they "think you would find interesting". This could be a process that takes forever.  Our clients at Valencia Property understand that we work in a different way. We do that leg work for them. They send us information about the type of property they want and we scour through all of the listings; our own listings sourced through our contact network, private sellers, agencies and also unadvertised properties to find the best selection that suits their requirements. We make sure that the agents and private sellers are not going to charge you a fee for your purchase and we charge our fee, which is actually less than most agents charge the buyer when you approach them directly through the portals or directly from their website (3% with a minimum of 2700 Euros).  We Listen There are a few agents who we do not work with as they refuse to collaborate or we refuse to work with them because we know about their "extras". Usually this is because they are franchise agencies requiring huge markups on price to pay the franchise fee, the listing agent, the office overheads, their own commissions and more (These will remain nameless but their fee to the seller is often 6-8% meaning you as a buyer overpay for the property. Keep an eye out for companies insisting their agents wear a particular coloured tie for example, green, blue or red. That will give you a clue as to who these companies are if you meet them)  We give you all the information you need before you come over and take you around in an efficient and informative manner while you are here to help you make the decision on what property to purchase so you have all information to hand and armed with that information you get to make the best decision. We know the areas you might be interested in intimately and can give you advice and tips before you arrive as to why certain properties may or may not suit you based on your requirements. We know the market, we know where the properties are and it is very likely that we know any agency too and can speak to them about what they have available that may suit you even better.  What we are saying therefore is why not make Valencia Property your personal MLS in Valencia? We have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to make your Valencia Property search seamless, pain free and successful. We do the hard work for you and make it much more likely that your search will be fruitful. All we ask is that you give us the responsibility of your property search so you don't need to bother yourself contacting loads of agents who most of the time won't even bother to respond. We respond and start work immediately on your behalf to find you the perfect selection of properties in or around the city. We look forward to seeing you here and finding your perfect property. 

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Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For
Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For
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