Spanish Golden Visa in Valencia

The Spanish Golden Visa is an excellent tool for non EU residents to get automatic residency and free movement rights around the Schengen area of Europe. There are many countries that offer this type of visa for non EU nationals but the Spanish Golden Visa has many advantages over others and is well worth a look.

Get the Spanish Golden Visa
Get the Spanish Golden Visa in Valencia

What Is Required to Get the Spanish Golden Visa?

The easiest and most normal way to get the Spanish Golden Visa is through the purchase of a property or properties over the minimum limit of 500,000 Euros. As stated you don't have to do this in one fell swoop, you can buy various properties and spread your investment.

What Advantages Does The Spanish Golden Visa Have?

  • It can be for one or various properties
  • It can be anywhere in the country, it isn't limited to one geographic area.
  • There is no time limit of getting it. You can buy one property now and add that into your 500k investment further down the line.
  • Previously bought properties can be included in the package. If you already have a property in Spain that can be used as a part of the investment.
  • It allows the whole family unit to have free movement in the Schengen area of Europe. This is a big deal. Free movement throughout Europe allows you to enjoy living and working in Spain to its fullest extent.
  • You have no obligation to be in the country at all, never mind half a year. Even if you don't spend half the year in Spain, a requirement of a normal residency visa, you will not lose your Spanish Golden Visa
  • You are allowed to live and more importantly, work in Spain.
  • You can apply for all dependents to join you in the country. This includes children of course but also parents if you can prove they are dependent.
  • You get to live in a place considered to have one of the best climates in the World and one of the most socially cohesive places.
  • Our communications both physically (Transport) and virtually (Internet) are excellent. Moving in, out and around the country is easy and fast and most places now have broadband cable internet for your external communications.
  • You live in a country with a language that is spoken Worldwide so learning it is useful in other places apart from just Spain. Most of Central and South America speaks Spanish and when you ally this to English most of the business world is yours to speak to.
  • Politically the country is pretty solid.
  • There is little or no chance of a Spanish Brexit. Support for membership of the EU has always been high in Spain, the developing disaster of the UK's Brexit has solidified that support in Spain and throughout the rest of Europe.
  • You are fewer than three hours away from most of the rest of Europe. If you need to get anywhere you can get there fast.

Why Valencia?

There are so many reasons but take a look at 112 of them here.

Valencia offers an elegant and lively lifestyle allied to an excellent cost of living and affordable housing. You will struggle to fund the lifestyle in Barcelona or Madrid as prices are much higher and stress levels match. Your 500,000 Euro investment in Valencia can be spread over various properties whereas in Madrid or Barcelona that is unlikely and if you do decide to spend the required amount on one property you can get an awful lot more for that money in Valencia than you will elsewhere without sacrificing your cultural, social and sporting life outside of the home.

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Support For Your Spanish Golden Visa Application

We have a team of relocation advisors, lawyers who specialise in Golden Visa applications and residency issues, portfolio builders and manages, designers, builders and architects who can all help you in your application for the Golden Visa and the settling in period post purchase. We also have a hotline available for our Golden Visa clients with answers to your questions for a whole year after your purchase.

If you are looking to get your Spanish Golden Visa application off the ground, contact us and we will start the process of helping you with your process in and around Valencia.

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