Glass more than Half Full Apartment

Price : 205,000€   : 4   : 2   : 115 Sq.M

Reference : 2088 - Listed : September, 2023

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Picture of Glass more than Half Full Apartment
Pigmalion street – named after a turn of the century Valencia astronomer, but I’m not going to let that stop me warping this description into something else entirely.

The Pygmalion effect, is a psychological phenomenon where very simply, high expectations lead to good outcomes, and low expectations lead to poor ones. We see this all the time with clients, those with positive attitudes usually find their perfect home quickly and without drama. On the other hand, those with a negative outlook, slightly paranoid, always looking for the catch and seeing a potential problem everywhere they look, often never find what they are looking for.

Take a property like this. How do you see the location?
- I love it, close to the centre, near the tram, near parks and the riverbed, not too many tourists here, looks like a friendly family neighbourhood.
- God, where are we, I haven’t seen anybody with a takeaway coffee in their hand here and all the restaurant menus are in Spanish.

And the apartment itself.
- Over 110m2, great, think of what ! could do with the renovation, space for everything I want.
- 110m2, oh no, the renovation will take ages and it’ll be another way I’ll get screwed, everyone is out for my money.

Condition of the apartment.
- I don’t care, its structurally perfect, and everything inside is all going to go, 2 bathrooms already, cool, that’ll help with the reno, and we can knock a couple of walls easy.
- Bloody hell look at the state of this place, so old fashioned, it looks like somebody died here, if they think I’m paying this price they can find another pigeon.

So which are you? Only one type need apply

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Air Conditioning



Cable Internet

Close To River

Walkable to town

Decent Balcony