Properties between 100,000 Euros and 150,000 Euros

Properties between 100,000 Euros and 150,000 Euros

Properties Available : 17

Nice Simple Villa In Pedralvilla

140,000 EUR

This villa is between Olocau and Betera, on the Pedralvilla urbanisation. 30km from Valencia city, and a bit less to the beach. Nice and simple can sound like a bit of an insult, if you're describing an expensive wine, or your local MP. But when its referring to a villa on urban land at an interesting price, its all good. Paved roads, streetlights, rubbish collection, mains electric and community water (one catch here...

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Fantastic Penthouse Apartment with Mountain Views

135,000 EUR

Right, we've all done it, no need to be ashamed. Little bit of property porn never hurt anyone, right? Drooling over those fantastic villas hidden away in the hills of Naquera - FANTASTICALLY EXPENSIVE that is! Well I have an idea. How about almost all the benefits of a place like that - and some more? This is a penthouse apartment (penthouse = height = better views and fresher air/less mozzies than a villa)...

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Value Town House in Ribarroja

100,000 EUR

A good sized townhouse of 154m2 in Ribarroja with patio and roof terrace. For just an extra 40k you can also buy the plot next door of 126m2 to make the property even larger. On entering the house offers you an entrance hall, kitchen with access to the patio, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Upstairs there is an impressive loft with the potential for the third bedroom...

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The Townhouse that Time forgot

130,000 EUR

Ok, I really want to list this because some of the photos of this place in Almenara are works of art in their own right. I will discuss some of them below. (Incidentally due to public decency laws I will be using some abbreviations here, like FH, WTFK, FM, GFY and WTAF. And maybe just plain F too) The first photo below is of 2 armchairs and a fireplace. Harmless right? Wrong. It is a visual full frontal assault...

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Something Special in Chelva

139,000 EUR

Something special in Chelva. It's not often you get the chance to live on the main square of a Spanish town and even less often that you get the chance when you are talking about a beautiful town square like that of Chelva overlooked by the huge church opposite. And even less often you find a motivated seller wanting a quick sale and thus reducing the price so you can buy it. But you will need to be quick...

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Modern townhouse almost in the Countryside

112,000 EUR

Always amazing how much more you get for your euro if you are willing to come that little bit further from Valencia. This is Chera, between Requena and Chulilla, and it really is no hardship coming out here. Very popular with day-trippers from the city, the landscape here is beautiful. Rivers and swimming spots and mountains. This house is fantastic. It is an hour from Valencia...

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Typical Benidorm Apartment With Pool

120,000 EUR

We don't normally do property in Benidorm but this is a favour for a friend to get the word out there and the truth is if you like Benidorm, I don't, then this is the perfect bolthole for you in the Spanish version of the city that never sleeps. One bedroom (previously 3), bathroom, living room...

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Townhouse Outside Requena With 161 Neighbours

150,000 EUR

If you fancy living away from it all with 161 friends nearby just an hour out from the city of Valencia in the middle of wine country then this townhouse in the small village of Duques may well suit you down to the ground. 161 friends? Yes! The population of the town is 164 and Carlos and his family are selling to start building his dream home and he would like to introduce you the the other 161 inhabitants of the town...

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