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The House of the Future (const. 1780)

Price : 79,900€   : 4   : 1   : 300 Sq.M

Reference : 1645

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1780 is a long time ago. The US was only 4 years old and Australia hadn't been discovered. George III was the King of England . Bicycles, ambulances, parachutes and glasses were all yet to be invented. That was the year this house was built. I say built, but maybe inhabited would be a better word.

This is an amazing house. It is a 'Casa de Cueva', a very historic type of house not seen often nowadays, but there is an area here in the neighbourhood of Paterna in Valencia city, where they are still common. This area is at the highest point of the town, by the castle tower.

It isn't coincidence that it has lasted so long. The house is basically built below ground level, and is perfectly adapted to the climate here. There is no heating or air-conditioning system in the house, it isn't needed. The house is always a comfortable temperature, maintained by the surrounding bedrock.

This property is an incredible 300m2, it is huge. It is also brighter than many normal houses because of the skylights. Whitewashed walls and classic tile mosaic floors, it is actually beautiful, like a film set.

Did someone mention film set? In fact the 2019 Pedro Almodovar Oscar-nominated film 'Dolor y Gloria' starring Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz was shot here, have a look at that to get a feel for what these houses really are like.

This house is 241 years old, and has a tiny carbon footprint. It will be here for many more years. It is a unique, charming, historic, eco-friendly and simply beautiful house. If any of this fascinates you, then come and have a look.

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Casa de Cueva Paterna

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