The War of the Roses

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Reference : 2137 - Listed : January, 2024

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Anger, bitterness, recrimination and arguments about who gets to keep the kids "You get them!", "No, you have them". As a buyer when you are looking to get a house this is all music to your ears as you may think that this allows you to make a cheeky offer and get a place for a fraction of the asking price. And sometimes you can. But not always. Let's introduce you to the psychology of offer making in Spain 101.

Now obviously it depends on the levels of hate involved in the divorce. If there is real "cannot be in the same room and all communication is carried out through my lawyer" levels of vitriol then there are two possible outcomes. Both partners accept a lower offer because they never want to have to talk to each other ever again except when handing the kids over for the weekend which has cold war bridge in east Berlin vibes every weekend. Or one partner hates the other so much that they know their ex will accept a lower offer but just to screw them over they won't move an inch. Oh yes, a third possibility, it's amicable and all negotiation is possible... but it never is though is it, this isn't Hollywood?

So what happens when you have a situation like this? Well you make an offer and quickly find out which of the preceding scenarios is playing out here. And why would you make an offer here...

Well, the house is pretty cool with what was described by a client on their visit this week as their favourite room of all that they have seen in any property and that room is not the huge garage/den downstairs but the lovely looking living room with ridiculous numbers of windows and patio doors giving it a colonial feel. It would also have a lovely view out to the pool at the back but a recent storm took the back wall down and the pool has been left to go a lot greener than the lawn that surrounds it so it's a bit of a mess at the moment. However the owners, or at least one of them, have promised to either repair and replace that wall before purchase or discount the cost from the asking price (The latter is your better option)

Three floors with a large living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, four bedrooms, washroom and two bathrooms upstairs and a den downstairs which is a huge garage, office, storage area into which you can take your car down the rather thin driveway and turn it around before attempting to drive back out because reversing out doesn't look like a great option to me.

The gardens are tired and full of fallen olives because the house has been empty for a couple of months and with the current cost of olive oil that probably adds a few thousand onto the price.

So our advice here, is to turn up, take a look and then make an offer and we'll find out which scenario plays out regarding the War of the Roses.

*Price now reduced so obviously there was margin*

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Features of this property

Air Conditioning


Pool - Private


Built in Wardrobes


Cable Internet


Fruit Trees

Security Alarm

Double Glazing

Walkable to town



Good Bones

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