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Property for sale in Montserrat

Montserrat is a small town near to Montroy and Turis. It derives a lot of its income from the honey industry and other small scale farming methods. Property for sale in Montserrat is usually good value.

There are high density villa areas and more eclectic villas on unrecognised estates. Montserrat stretches a long way from the town so many properties for sale in Montserrat are actually quite a way from the town itself.

Don't confuse Montserrat and Monserrat in Catalunya or the Caribbean island destroyed by a volcano.

Large Plot and Various Buildings in MontserratLarge Plot and Various Buildings in Montserrat
Villa | Inland | Montserrat | 4 Bedrooms | Property: 150 m²
€155,000 Euros.
The three days before I went to this house if had been windy, very windy. This is not some sort of Orange suicide pact on the pictures, it\'s just tha...

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